Winter Views, Not Blues: 7 Woodworking Ideas for Outdoors

Winter Views, Not Blues: 7 Woodworking Ideas for Outdoors

“Kindness is like snow – it beautifies everything it covers.” – Kahlil Gibran. 

Snow: a blissful offering from the time of the year that’s otherwise known for its dreariness and chill. 

But there’s so much to love about winters. Look closely; there’s the cozy sweaters, hot cocoa, the celestial natural panoramas, and the anticipation of the holidays. 

And if these are not enough, then beat the winter blues and further add to the splendor of the season with handmade hardwood decor.

To get started with woodworking, all you need to do is develop some basic skills, buy lumber, get a few essential hand tools, a battery of power, and last but not least, look for some inspiration. 

You have come to the right place if you are looking for the last item on the list. 

Here we have enlisted easy-peasy woodworking ideas that you can try to jazz up your outdoors this winter. Take a look.

Lighting Elements – Outdoor lighting is imperative, even more so during the holidays and celebrations. But whether or not you use large or small candles for outdoor lighting, they still pose the same risks when handled carelessly. 

    The candles have to be placed at least a couple of inches apart, and you also need a sturdy element for holding the wax base. 

    Here comes the need for the DIY lighting elements built with lumber board foot. These are simple to make and multi-functional.   

    When not used for candle lighting, you can decorate your interiors with these lighting elements. You can even use these as planters during the day. So, give one a try!

    Garden Closet – If your yard lacks space for a free-standing, large shed, you can still create a place for storing the garden tools with a shed and a closet at the side or back of the house. 

      A garden closet project like this one is relatively straightforward, even if you are a beginner. So go for it! 

      Giant Jenga – This is a bonafide family favorite! Almost all of us have played the Giant Jenga with our kids or our dog. 

        As you prepare to dodge the rains this winter and devise fun activities to get everyone engaged, you can build your own version of this all-time popular game. 

        All you need is some hardwood or plywood, a saw, and you are set. You can also customize and make the Jenga look incredible by painting it. 

        Snowman Greeters – A group of happy snowmen made with live edge lumber to greet your guests all through this season! Sounds fun, right?

          Additionally, you can paint your handcrafted hardwood snowmen and then accessorize them with your old and used flannels and socks to complete the look. They will look fabulous for the entire season on a front stoop, entryway table, or even a mantle. 

          And the best part is these snowmen look great even after the snow melts. 

          Boot Rack – If you expect a white Christmas, prep your house with this pleasing and pragmatic boot rack. You can buy wood board and use 2-inch dowels to construct this fixture to keep the slush and mud out of the house. 

            You can leave the dowels dry-fitted or glue them down. This way, you can easily disassemble this boot rack and store it during the summer months.

            Welcome Mat – The doorway to your home is the first thing any guest will come across when they visit you. So, you must make sure the entrance is an impressive one. 

              Though you will find many decorative doormats in stores, a hardwood DIY mat generates an emotional association and a homely feel. 

              Moreover, since you can build a welcome mat with even scrap wood, it will cost you much less.

              Window Trims – These are wooden frames around the window heads and jambs and are considered to be quite trendy during this time of the year. 

                The window trims make your house look well-maintained and prepared for the holidays. As the first step, you must cut the live edge wood slabs according to the desired trail size. If you plan to color these, you can use any hardwood variety of your choice. 

                Once you have prepared the hardwood lumber, you must attach them to the walls. Consequently, trim them out with a good quality trimmer, and your window trims are ready.

                Are you ready to turn winter blues into exciting views with these simple hardwood undertakings?

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