The Forest 2 Home Process

The difference is in our process

Forest 2 Home is rooted in responsible forest stewardship and creating climate change-resilient forests

As forestry experts, we understand that high quality hardwood and environmental sustainability go hand in hand. Our goal is to create a greener future by practicing responsible forestry management programs on our company land as well as for individual forest landowners. This practice enables natural forest regeneration and creates climate change-resilient forests. Naturally regenerating forests are known to be more resilient, which is determined by the forests biological and ecological resources, including the diversity of native plants, animals, and fungi. To help us reach our goal, Gutchess Lumber, our parent company, employs a team of qualified foresters, all of whom champion and oversee responsible forestry management practices.

Our commitment to environmental stewardship begins in the forest and supports the flow of carbon that is sequestered in the timber to the hardwood lumber products we produce. Hardwood products can store carbon for decades, centuries, or indefinitely in some cases. By using hardwood products, you can help to mitigate climate change. Scientists also forecast unhealthy forest composition changes due to insects and disease over the next 100 years, which active forest management can help to reduce.

Buying Forest 2 Home hardwood lumber products means supporting environmental sustainability and together, we will create a greener future for our customers, for our families, and for our planet. Learn more about each step of our manufacturing process below.