10 Woodworking Projects to Try This Holiday Season

10 Woodworking Projects to Try This Holiday Season

“Blessed is the season which engages the whole world in a conspiracy of love.” – Hamilton Wright Mabie.

And December is all about just that. As the snowflakes adorn your pathways and craft a surreal ambience around, you know the season of coming together in love, laughter, and celebrations has officially begun.

You might have already started gracing the door, planning the gifts, and decking the halls. But if you are a hardwood fan, none of these endeavors can be complete without your handmade projects.

Do you want some inspiration to make the holidays special with your personalized hardwood creations?

You have come to the right place. We have curated a list of holiday hardwood project ideas just for you. All you have to do is buy lumber and start with one or more of these wooden wonders.

Let’s dig in.

Advent Calendar – An advent calendar is never out of style and is bound to cheer up your whole house year after year. What’s more, you can even give it a personal touch by adding treats and trinkets of your choice to delight and surprise.

Wine Rack – This can be precisely the place to store your favorite wines. You will find a lot of space below the kitchen cabinets for a wine rack. This easy-to-build home essential can also fit anywhere else you want. Apart from enhancing your kitchen aesthetics, a wine rack will also serve you in more ways than you know.

Tablet or Phone Stand – Such a tool is of immense help for those who do a lot of vlogs or video calls. With a table or phone stand, they don’t have to keep holding the phone as they talk or demonstrate. Moreover, this will make a great gift and a sweet gesture reminding the recipient to call you more often.

Baby Gym – Baby equipment is always a treasured gift and thoughtful addition to the home. Just buy wood planks and create an A-frame together with some hanging toys. You can also use store-bought items if you want. Such a project is both beautiful and close to the heart.

Desktop Catapult – This fabulous project will add a fun element to your work desk. You can also gift this to someone who loves to annoy their parents, friends, or siblings. A drill and a jigsaw are your only power tools to create this. Get started on this simple-to-build miniature desktop catapult without delay.

Jewelry Box – A jewelry box is a heartwarming gift that will also display your creativity. And the best part is that both men and women can use this. While women can store their adornments, men can use this gift to keep their cufflinks, sunglasses, or watches.

Snowmen That Won’t Melt – These brilliant creations with 4x4” fence posts are perfect for greeting guests. All you have to do is paint a board foot of lumber and then accessorize with flannels for scarves and socks for hats. Snowmen look fantastic on a mantle, an entryway table, or the front stoop, even when the snow melts away.

Floating Bookshelves – Apart from being visually appealing, floating bookshelves are also super simple to build. All you need is a circular or table saw and a handful of other materials. You can use this project to beautify your home or office milieu, or you can gift this to the bookworm in the family. Try crafting this today.

Cutting Board – No matter what, a handmade solid wood cutting board is the quintessential gift for those who love to host parties. And it’s one of the most simplistic projects you can make. We bet you will love owning one yourself once you see the result.

Slice Ornaments – These easy-to-accomplish, customized, and rustic wood slice ornaments can be the perfect décor for your walls or the tree. For this, you can slice discs out of a wooden log and thread a jute twine into an eye hook to hang them. For design, you can use metallic markers or paint. And the best part is you can gift your extended family these mini miracles.

These were a few hardwood projects for you to try this holiday season. Whether you want to revamp your interior or curate the perfect present for your loved ones, these little pieces of delight will never disappoint you.

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