Easily Build a Cutting Board with Seaman Custom Builds

Easily Build a Cutting Board with Seaman Custom Builds

Our friend Scott over at Seaman Custom Builds in Nashville, Tennessee has been busy making everything from hand carved spoons to coasters to cutting boards and more. He also put together this awesome how to video that shows you step by step how to easily make a beautiful cutting board that can last for generations.

Scott cut stock to 1 x 2 x 36 in pieces for this cutting board build, but if you are looking to make a smaller board, check out our Hardwood Basics Box that consists of 1 x 2 x 24 in pieces in the same species Scott used in his board: Walnut, Hard Maple, and Cherry. This combination of species will provide your board with a gorgeous contrast that is sure to get compliments every time. 

Want to follow along Scott's journey? Check out his Instagram here

Happy woodworking!


  • frankie desantis

    I enjoyed thee video but how could you not “square up the boards before glueing”. I would expect that from a novice but you seem to be past that…… I was really disappointed when I heard you say that you didn’t plane the sides and that’s the reason you had some gaps….. I also sign my work by Branding the back somewhere…..my son told me to do this so he can have something I made

  • Anthony Colley

    I have always used wooden cutting boards, and before plastic in the early 50’s my mom used wood. But this i did not know. Besides that you can not beat the beauty of wood.

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