Rustic Hickory hardwood 4/4
Rustic Hickory hardwood 4/4

Rustic Hickory 4/4

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Rustic Hickory is full of natural character and is a great option for rustic and antique projects. Hickory hardwood is known for its unique combination of hardness, strength, and toughness that cannot be found in any other hardwood species.

Select between a 10 board feet box and a 20 board feet box. Boxes are packed with boards that are surfaced-2-sides and come 4/4 (1 inch thick), range from 3 to 8 inches in width, and range from 1 to 6 feet in length. These boxes are packed based on board footage and not by board size. Our hardwood isn’t a finished thickness (hit or miss) and may still require you to flatten, plane, shape or sand your boards to fit your project. Expect boards to have standard defects like knots, splits, wane, color streaks and burls. A natural, clear finish will take your Rustic Hickory project to the next level.

1" (Actual: 15/16")
3" to 8" possible
1' to 6' possible

• Coffee tables

• Bed side tables

• Floating shelves

• Dining tables

• Bench

• Chest of drawers

• Step stool

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Ron Walker
High-quality Lumber, Highly recommended

Forest 2 Home owns bragging rights because of their fantastic wood products, quick shipping, and affordable pricing. I will continue to use their products for all of my project requirements. Please continue to provide the service you are. I am truly grateful.

Tree facts


Hickory trees have a deep root system that protects them from strong winds. Hickory trees are native to the Eastern and Midwestern regions of the United States and prefer to grow around streams, rivers and in bottom lands.


Have a question that you don't see? Check out our full FAQ page.

At Forest 2 Home, our lumber is S2S (surfaced 2 sides), unless otherwise noted, and is commonly referred to as hit or miss. Hit or miss markings are not defects and are totally normal in the planing process.

Generally, you can clean hit or miss up beautifully at 13/16" or to your preferred thickness at home, which is what we mean by "Our hardwood isn’t a finished thickness (hit or miss) and may still require you to flatten, plane, shape or sand your boards to fit your project."

Have any questions about hit or miss? Email us and a Forest 2 Home team member would be happy to help.

Right below our Premium grade is our new Character grade, which can include knots between 1/4" and 2", bark, and wane. You can still expect no splits. We have Character grade boards in several sizes and species. This grade is perfect for unique statement pieces. Shoot us an email at to learn more, see photos, and place a custom order.

A board foot is a unit of measurement for lumber. A board foot is calculated by taking the length (in feet) x width (in inches) divided by 12 x thickness (in inches).

S2S stands for surfaced 2 sides.  It may still require you to flatten, plane, shape or sand your project parts to fit your project.

Opposite of heartwood, sapwood is the living part of the wood, commonly found near the outside of the log and has a white coloration.

Heartwood extends from the pith to the sapwood. The cells of this part of the wood no longer participate in the life processes of the tree which cause it to have a brown coloration.

Wane is the bark or lack of wood on the edges and corners of lumber. Our team ensures no wane by running our lumber through a planer to create square edges on all sides.

Pith is located at the very center of a tree and composed of soft, spongy cells. It has a greater tendency to crack and is unstable. All of our wood is thoroughly inspected to make sure no final board contains pith, leaving you with a durable hardwood board.

Yes, we shrink wrap the boards together to eliminate any boards shifting during transit. We also use edge protectors to protect the corners and edges of your hardwood against any damage.

Our grain guide has information about each species and also has a grain picture to help you identify each hardwood species. 

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