Veterans Day 2021

Honoring all who served

Military and Veteran Story Share

Today, Forest 2 Home is remembering and honoring all of the brave men and women who served. This Veterans Day, we want to share some stories of those who are still with us to help shed light on the important role these people play in our country. Want to join the F2H Military and Veteran community? Learn more here.

Jon Liba

I am a retired Army officer, having served almost 22 years. I never found the time to pursue woodworking beyond framing lumber and nails and screws. But I have always loved wood and now have more time to develop my woodworking. Especially with social distancing during the pandemic, woodworking has become a tremendous avenue for me to focus my mind, energy, and creativity.

The pictures I've included [three below] are largely made from wood I cut from trees that fell on our property, but as I look to build a hand tool-specific workbench and build pieces of furniture, I really appreciate forest2home. I've got some red oak acclimating right now! In the future I would love to attend woodworking classes, especially with other veterans.

Brad Behlow

I retired from the Navy after serving 20 years as a US Navy Seabee. I enlisted in 1995 and retired in 2015 as a Chief Petty Officer. During this time I deployed to many different places to include the Kosovo conflict, two combat tours to Afghanistan, and 9 other deployments. I did a cross tour assignment with 820th Red Horseone, one of the Air Force's engineer groups. The attached photo [below] was my last deployment into Afghanistan with the 820th.

Jon Femenella

I am still currently serving in the U.S. Army, recently I was promoted to the Rank of Sergeant First Class (E-7). Currently I am stationed overseas, and have found a great balance between my career and woodworking. Being away from my family is hard, but this year apart has allowed me to focus on enhancing my knowledge of woodworking and honing my skills. I have taught myself an immense amount of joinery technique and various other skills to both enhance my craft and keep myself mentally balanced.

Serving my country has been one of the greatest honors of my life. If I had to do it all over again I would, without hesitation. I am extremely thankful to all veterans who have served before me and paved the way for my service.