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Forest 2 Home, premium hardwoods provider

Forest 2 Home offers a large selection of premium Northern hardwood lumber that is manufactured all under one roof in the Northeastern region of the United States. From responsible forestry management to sustainable harvesting to manufacturing to the kiln drying process, all the way to your door, we control it all (and yes, we have a FSC certification to prove it). Wondering what is kiln drying? We have answered what exactly kiln drying is and our process for it here.

So, a little more about us and our history. Established in 2020, F2H was born from the vertical manufacturing operation of Gutchess Lumber Co., Inc. Close to 120 years of hardwood lumber experience and expertise has allowed F2H to provide sustainable, premium Northern hardwoods to woodworkers, DIYers, and crafters across the United States.

Keeping each step of the manufacturing process all under one roof allows Forest 2 Home to ensure you get quality hardwood every time. Our team of trained experts check each hardwood board a minimum of four times before it makes it way to

Order wood online

There are a lot of factors to consider when making a lumber purchase, especially when it comes to buying a hardwood box online. Whether you are making painted wood signs, a red oak tabletop, an oak coffee table, a chief hat box, a DIY hanging shelf or whatever your hardwood project might be, the F2H Shop has you covered, and we are happy to help you order wood online. If you need assistance placing an order, contact us and a F2H team member would be happy to assist you. In addition to checking each hardwood board a minimum of four times and helping you through the ordering process (if you need it), our team only sends hardwood lumber that we ourselves would want to work with.

Before you order hardwood online, you need to decide on a few things, including which hardwood species you want to work with. North American hardwoods have very different properties, which you will want to know. On each product page, we list out each hardwood species characteristics, but here is a condensed list of F2H hardwood properties:

hardwood species
Cherry hardwood properties

Cherry is known for its reddish-brown coloring and is 100% heartwood on one side. Its grain is normally straight with the occasional curly grain pattern.

hardwood species
Hard Maple hardwood properties

Hard Maple is a light cream color with subtle red undertones. It is 100% sapwood on both sides. Its grain is usually straight with the occasional wavy grain.

hardwood species
Red Oak hardwood properties

Red Oak is a light to medium brown with reddish undertones. It is 100% heartwood on one face. It has a straight grain with a porous texture.

hardwood species
Walnut hardwood properties

Walnut is a light to medium brown and has a minimum of 90% heartwood on one face. It is mostly straight grained.

hardwood species
White Oak hardwood properties

White Oak has a light brown heartwood and slightly paler sapwood. It is strong, tough, dense, tight grained and durable.

hardwood species
Red Maple hardwood properties

Red Maple has close grained sapwood and is creamy white and with reddish brown heartwood. The grain is often dotted with flecks.

hardwood species
White Ash hardwood properties

White Ash hardwood is dense with bright white sapwood, light tan heartwood, and uniform, well defined annual growth rings.

hardwood species
Poplar hardwood properties

Poplar is a light, soft hardwood with sapwood that is white or light green cast.

hardwood species
Basswood hardwood properties

Basswood is a soft, light weight wood, pale in color, with fine close grain.

hardwood species
Hickory hardwood properties

Hickory's heartwood is a medium brown with a paler yellow sapwood appearance. Its grain is usually straight with the occasional wavy grain.

hardwood species
Sassafras hardwood properties

Sassafras hardwood's grain has an Ash-like appearance and resembles Chestnut. The heartwood of Sassafras is pale to dark brown, but often golden in color.

hardwood species
Butternut hardwood properties

Butternut is often referred to as “White Walnut” because of its light tan to cinnamon-colored heartwood. This hardwood species has a cathedral like grain pattern.

Hardwood hardness scale

Wondering where your favorite hardwood falls in terms of hardness? Check out our hardness scale! Knowing the hardness, or durability, of lumber can ensure you select the perfect species for your project.

Pick the perfect F2H kit

Now that you know which species you need, you now have to decide on a Forest 2 Home kit. Let us break down the details on a few of our most popular hardwood kits:

Hardwood Sampler Box
The Hardwood Sampler Box is exactly what you think it is: a hardwood variety pack filled with wood samples. Unlike most sample boxes, this wood sample box boasts 10+ pounds of hardwood. We guarantee a minimum of three species; however, we do our best to pack more. Species can include hard maple hardwood, walnut hardwood, cherry hardwood, red oak hardwood, ash hardwood, basswood hardwood, poplar hardwood, hickory hardwood, white oak hardwood, red maple hardwood. Ranging in various sizes, we have seen this hardwood sample box used to create beautiful DIY woodworking projects like cutting boards, knife handles, shadow boxes, jewelry boxes, and filler pieces for larger projects. It never hurts to have this box laying around your workshop!

Cutting Board Kits
Our signature Cutting Board Kits provide the premium lumber needed to make cutting boards that will last for generations to come if they are properly handled. The best part about our cutting board kits is that you can use the design we created as your guide, or you can go crazy and mix and match the hardwood pieces to make a custom cutting board design. These kits are great for woodworkers, crafters, DIYers of all skill levels. All you need is a kit, your favorite woodworking tools, and your hands to make a gorgeous cutting board that very well could double as a DIY charcuterie board. Not only are wood cutting boards safer than plastic, we tend to think they look better too, but we might be biased.

Hardwood Basics Box
Coming in a variety of sizes, these hardwood boxes are great for building picture frames, cutting boards, boxes, wooden flags, and so much more. Each Hardwood Basics Box includes Walnut boards, Cherry boards, and Hard Maple boards.

While our smaller kits are great for smaller wooden projects, our best-selling hardwood kits for larger woodworking projects are also ones that you will want to bookmark for later. In fact, one of our community members Jeff S. needed a larger order of Cherry, so we hand delivered it to him. Safe to say we are raising the bar on not only quality, but also on customer service. Check out what Jeff had to say.

Forest 2 Home reviews

Call them to put in a large order of lumber they were so sincere in worried about shipping damage that he personally delivered it to me over 400 miles away. I would order all material from them, great service an awesome product.

Jeff S.

This is my first "sight unseen" lumber purchase so I was not sure what the quality would be since I did not pick the boards out myself. I can verify that the boards were of excellent quality - straight , beautiful color, and free of defects. True 15/16" x 4" boards that I can't wait to start to work with! I also appreciated a hand written note wishing me "Happy Woodworking!" on the inside of the box. That tells me there are people at Forest 2 Home that are passionate about providing excellent, sustainable wood to enjoy. I have found my new lumber store!

Chad S.

What a great find this was!! I ordered a 12 piece set of walnut ,cherry and maple the order was placed and on its way that day! the wood was perfect in every way, so square and straight I could have built my project without doing a thing to it.This is a great company that sells hardwoods at a great price and free shipping.
I would recommend this company to anyone looking for real quality hardwood. My order was on my door step in 3 days!! I will be coming back to these guys for all my hardwood needs.
Kudos Forest 2 Home

Ted H.

I ordered this kit with zero ideas on what I would make with the wood. I was curious of the quality of the wood and just wanted some nice hardwood pieces in the shop. Once they arrived I was blown away by the beauty in each and every piece. I still don't know what I will make with it, buy I am excited to use this wood. I'm looking forward to ordering again.

Greg W.
Los Angeles, CA

The wood is beautiful and there were no damaged pieces included, which has happened to me in the past from other vendors. I really appreciate their attention to quality products for their customers.

Thank you!

Rob A.

F2H lumber information

Forest 2 Home differs from big box lumber stores, as we provide actual lengths and widths. When we say you get 6 in Walnut boards, you are getting the full 6 in in width and the full length. Big box stores will tell you you are buying 6 in, but if you measure (most come out to 5.5 in for a listed 6 in board) and do your board foot calculations, you do not get what you think you are. We also try to give you as much of the 1 in thickness as possible. Our actual thickness comes out to 15/16 in. To ensure you are getting what you pay for, keep this board foot guide handy next time you are making a hardwood lumber purchase.

8/4+ lumber

While we do not have 8/4 lumber sizes on our website yet, we do come across some gorgeous boards that we do not have the heart to break down. To learn more about these prized boards that can be crafted into custom builds, feel free to reach out to our team by sending an email to The team in the mill will check to see what they have and can even send you photos of the lumber! After you have given the go ahead, we will create a custom order and send the invoice via email. After the invoice is paid, we get your hardwood wrapped up and mailed out. We have been told that our shipping time rivals Amazon, so we feel comfortable saying that you can expect to get your hardwood fast.

Makers supporting makers

At Forest 2 Home, we are makers, so we are proud to support other makers in any way we can. Speaking of makers supporting makers, we talk regularly with some of the leaders in the woodworking, DIYing, and crafting space (and they even share their woodworking build plans and DIY plans and craft projects with us)! We get the inside scoop on all of their tips, tricks, habits, and more! For example, in our woodworking 101 series, our friend and maker Matt B. shares how to sand corners, which is a tip you do not want to miss. Hint: all you need is your orbital sander and a thin piece of laminate. You’re welcome.

If you need project inspiration, head over to our inspiration page or check out our monthly #BuiltWithF2H builder’s challenge. Each month, F2H community members build projects using our hardwood and post the final project photo to social media and tag us @ShopF2H and use #BuiltWithF2H. Our team reviews each project, and we vote on our favorite. The winner not only gets bragging rights, but they also get sent a free hardwood box as a little congratulations from us.

Ready to make your first online wood purchase?

If you are still unsure about buying hardwood lumber online, do not just take our word for it. Check out these reviews from a few of the thousands of woodworkers, crafters, and DIYers who chose Forest 2 Home and made us their only online hardwood supplier.

Show your projects the respect they deserve

The list of 5 star reviews go on and on, so don’t let the fear of ordering hardwood online keep you from the best hardwood on the market. With Forest 2 Home, you can save time, money, and chances are the hardwood we provide is more sustainable and higher quality than you will find at any big box store. Show your projects the respect they deserve and build with the best. Build with Forest 2 Home. If you have any questions about our processes, ordering, project or product specific, get in touch!