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      White Oak lumber is one of the most versatile and sought-after wood species. The natural White Oak is 100% organic and is made without chemicals or preservatives. It is strong, tough, dense, tight-grained and durable. The white oak hardwood, popular choice among woodworkers and makers, is highly economical and rot-resistant. Hailing from White Oak (Quercus alba) tree, white oak lumber is our premium hardwood that is 100% clear grade on one side. The grain pattern is very mild and straight. It is highly water resistant, thanks to its closed-grain wood. The pores are plugged by tyloses, making it harder for water to cause any decay or rot....

      On the Janka Hardness Scale, the White Oak hardwood hardness ranking is 1360 lbf, putting it in a medium range of American hardwoods.

      White Oak hardwood lumber is just magnificent in its beauty. It comes in a light to medium brown color with cooler undertones. You can use white oak boards for building furniture, hardwood floors, tables, doors, compact boxes, kitchen cabinetry, ships, barrels, and more. It is well-behaved when working with machines and hand tools. It glues easily, holds nails and screws tenaciously, and finishes perfectly.

      Are you ready to create your next woodworking project with White Oak wood? Buy white oak lumber that fits your requirements.

      30 products

      30 products