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Walnut hardwood lumber has been a favorite amongst woodworkers and DIYers in the United States. This is primarily because Walnut wood offers easy workability and sports a great look with an attractive rich dark brown to purplish black shade.

The Walnut slabs' live edges are straight-grained with a coarse texture. Hailing from North America, this hardwood has the biological advantage of being allelopathic. This gives it a competitive advantage over other hardwoods....

The dark Walnut boards for sale come with superior steam-bending characteristics. Essentially, they have moderate crushing or bending strengths with low stiffness, facilitating easy workability with a power tool and hand.

Due to its property of being resistant to wear and tear, the Walnut wood boards or live edge Walnut wood are used to build cabinets, furniture, flooring, millwork, and other decorative applications. The Walnut lumber is organic and manufactured with no chemicals or preservatives.

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1 product