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      Rough-cut lumber, also known as rough-sawn lumber, is a type of lumber that is cut directly from a log without being processed further. The surface of the board is rough, meaning it is not planed or surfaced. At Forest 2 Home, we offer a wide variety of rough-cut lumber options for sale, including hardwoods like Cherry. New species like Hard Maple, Red Oak will be available soon. Prices can vary depending on the[BS1] [ma2] wood species and the size of the pieces....

      Rough-cut lumber is a versatile building material that can be used for various construction and carpentry projects, from building houses to creating furniture. It is also a popular choice for rustic or reclaimed wood projects. If you are an experienced woodworker with equipment like rip saws, chop saws, jointers, and planers, rough-cut lumber may be a perfect choice. With rough-cut lumber, you have complete autonomy over the raw materials, allowing you to rip and chop the boards into the ideal size and shape for your project.

      Buying lumber in its rough form will help save you money by putting in a little extra work to get the wood ready for use. At Forest 2 Home, we strive to provide our customers with a wide variety of options to suit any project. Our rough-cut lumber collection offers a range of options for experienced woodworkers and those just starting out. You may browse through our collection of rough-cut lumber and find the perfect options for your next project.

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      2 products