Red Oak Coffee Table Kit

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Red Oak Coffee Table Kit

This kit includes all the materials needed for the base plus an additional four 1 x 6 x 48 in Red Oak boards, which can be glued up to make a beautiful 24 x 48 in tabletop. These boards are surfaced-two-sides with square edges. Our hardwood isn’t a finished thickness (hit or miss) and may still require you to flatten, plane, shape or sand your boards to fit your project.

Coffee table build instructions can be found here.


Premium Quality

Our premium hardwood is 100% clear grade on one side. You can expect no wane, rot, splits, cracks, checks, chipouts or pith.

Kiln Dried

Kiln drying allows us to control the air flow, temperature and humidity so that the hardwood dries 6%-8% uniformly and can be finished to a smooth surface.


All lumber starts off rough. We surface two sides to a smooth surface so it’s easier and quicker for you to start on your project.

Tree facts

Red Oak

American Red Oak only naturally grows in North America. They grow mostly throughout eastern hardwood forests. Red Oak can grow higher or lower in altitude, giving them different characteristics based on location.


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There are 2 3/4 x 3.5 x 40 in Red Oak long aprons (long rails), 2
3/4 x 3.5 x 20.5 in Red Oak short aprons (side rails), 16 7/8 x 3.5 x 12 in Red Oak boards for legs, and 4 stainless steel brackets.

Everything in the Red Oak Coffee Table kit PLUS an additional four 1 x 6 x 48 Red Oak boards, which makes a beautiful 24 x 48 in tabletop.

Included: Two 3/4 x 3.5 x 40 in Red Oak long aprons (long rails), two 3/4 x 3.5 x 20.5 in Red Oak short aprons (side rails), 16 7/8 x 3.5 x 12 in Red Oak boards for legs, four stainless steel brackets, and four 1 x 6 x 48 in Red Oak boards.

The SELF MADE 3-way, Stainless Steel, Threaded Corner Bracket is engineered with a twist-to-tighten mechanism which uses pressure from preinstalled screws to hold the coffee table structure securely together without the need to drill holes or use wood screws. Paired with Forest 2 Home’s beautiful, pre-cut oak lumber, assembly is quick and easy. After you legs and top have been glued up, simply slide the aprons and legs into their respective slots on the bracket and twist the preinstalled screws to hold the table structure firmly together. Use Forest 2 Home 1” thick lumber for your top our source your own stone top – it’s up to you! Small stainless steel “L” clips that come with your purchase can be used to secure the top back to the coffee table structure.

Product Specifications:

Material: 11 Gauge Stainless Steel 304

Finish: #4 Satin Finish

Dimensions (of a single Bracket): 6-1/8” wide x 6-1/8” x 8”

Thread Size of Holes: ¼” 28 tpi

Apron Slot Size: .75” wide x 3.50” high

Leg Slot Size: 3.50” wide x 3.50” long

Part List:

(4) Stainless Steel, Threaded Brackets in #4 Satin Finish

(16) Stainless Steel Set Screws

(8) Stainless Steel Screws w/ Knobs

(1) Steel 1/8” Allen Wrench (for tightening set screws)

No it is not. If you would like the lumber needed to make a Red Oak tabletop, please select the Red Oak Coffee Table + Tabletop Kit option. Apply glue to all wood faces being joined. Tighten glued legs with clamps. If clamps are not available, you can wrap the glued elements together with painters tape and can apply pressure by sitting weights on top of the glued legs. Secure to the table and your project is complete.

A board foot is a unit of measurement for lumber. It is the thickness x width x length divided by 144.

S2S stands for surfaced 2 sides.  It may still require you to flatten, plane, shape or sand your project parts to fit your project.

Wane is the bark or lack of wood on the edges and corners of lumber. Our team ensures no wane by running our lumber through a planer to create square edges on all sides.

Yes, we shrink wrap the boards together to eliminate any boards shifting during transit. We also use edge protectors to protect the corners and edges of your hardwood against any damage.

Our grain guide has information about each species and also has a grain picture to help you identify each hardwood species. 

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