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Hickory hardwood lumber (also known as Shagbark hickory) is one of the solid American hardwood species. Its light sapwood and brown heartwood make for distinctive contrasts. Being highly resilient and extremely tough, Hickory lumber is desirable for products subject to high impact and stress. This lumber has a rustic charm. Typically, the Hickory wood grain is straight with a coarse texture. The heartwood is brown or reddish brown. The sapwood is a soft white color.

Live edge Hickory has exceptional strength, hardness, and shock resistance. It has a Janka hardness rating of 1820 lbf and is the hardest of all domestic woods available. Due to its resilient properties, it is used for cabinets, tool handles, axles and shafts, bows, skis, paddles, furniture, and flooring....

Hickory lumber glues, stains, and finishes nicely. It also responds well to steam bending. Before the emergence of synthetic materials, finishing Hickory wood was used for sleds and skis. Today woodworkers employ Hickory wood boards when a design needs bent pieces.

Exceptional elasticity and strength have made the Hickory lumber for sale an excellent choice for the ax, hammer, and other tool handles that experience sudden and harsh impacts.

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