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Maple hardwood lumber is well-known for its light color, smooth, elegant appearance, and little end grain. Hardwood Maple lumber is 100% organic and is made without chemicals or preservatives from the Sugar Maple (Acer Saccharum) tree.

The beauty of Maple hardwood lumber is undeniable. It comes in soft colors ranging from nearly white to an off-white cream color with subtle red undertones. Hard Maple lumber is commonly used in furniture, hardwood floors, industrial parts, tables, doors, cutting boards, compact boxes, cabinets, sports equipment, kitchen accessories, and other purposes. It is relatively easier to work with both hand and machine tools....

The Maple hardwood lumber species has the highest Janka Hardness Scale rating of all Maple hardwood species (at 1,450 lbf).

Hard Maple is an excellent choice for all types of woodworking projects. Forest 2 Home has all the best Maple hardwood lumber that woodworkers, craftsmen, creatives, and manufacturers could ever want! Whether you are in woodworking 101 or a woodworking expert, there are many hard Maple boards to pick from! Buy the hard Maple lumber that suits your woodworking project.

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