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Cherry lumber is a highly valued hardwood species in America. Being one of the bestsellers, cherry lumber is a smooth textured, straight-grained hardwood. It hails from North America and some areas of South America. It can be used in all aspects of woodworking. This includes fine furniture, custom cabinetry, flooring, musical instruments, small-scale woodworking, wood carving, and woodturning.

Because of its color and aging process, this hardwood species is very popular among woodworkers and furniture aficionados. It begins as a light pink and gradually darkens to a rich reddish hue with an amazing finish. Cherry wood, except for figured pieces with curly grain patterns, has a fine, straight grain. Cherry hardwood’s endgrain has small to medium pores that are randomly distributed. Growth rings usually are distinguishable. Cherry lumber has become a favorite among Forest 2 Home woodworkers due to its workability, gorgeous grain, and glorious color....

In general, Cherry wood lumber has a hardness rating of around 950 lbf. Because of its medium density, cherry lumber has excellent bending properties, low stiffness, and medium shock resistance. This makes it resistant to wear and dents.

You may buy Cherry wood boards from our online store at reasonable prices. Each cutting board kit allows you to customize the cutting board as per your woodworking project. You can either follow the F2H pre-designed patterns or design your own! The choice is entirely yours!

Each cherry wood cutting board kit includes various premeasured lumber pieces so you can DIY the perfect cutting board. You can also combine two Cutting Board Kits in the workshop to create an even more customized cutting board! Buy the cherry wood that suits your woodworking project.

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1 product