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Butternut lumber is a type of wood known for its rich, warm color and smooth texture. It is often used in furniture-making and decorative woodworking projects because of its attractive appearance and ability to finish well.

Butternut is a softwood species. Being native to the eastern United States and Canada, Butternut wood is typically harvested from managed forests. One of the standout features of Butternut lumber is its pale, yellow-brown color, which is often compared to the color of butterscotch. The Butternut wood grain is fine and straight, which gives it a smooth and consistent appearance. Butternut glues, stains, and finishes nicely. These characteristics add character to the wood and make it stand out from the rest....

Butternut is a relatively lightweight wood, making it easy to work with. Our Butternut lumber for sale is unique and will give your project a distinct look. The boards may have natural imperfections, including knots, wane, piths, wormholes, rough edges, and splits. On our website, you will find a range of Butternut lumber designs, including Live Edge Butternut boards. You may pick what your project requires. So, don't wait up! Pick up your favorite Butternut lumber slab to create beautiful and functional furniture sets for your living room or a handcrafted utility box for your loved ones – order yours today!

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