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      Ash lumber is a popular hardwood known for its durability and robustness. Ash wood can be stained or polished to an excellent finish and has a very nice and bright white color. Hailing from White Ash (Fraxinus Americana) trees, the Ash lumber has a dense and prominent straight grain. It has a coarse, uniform texture. The white color and porous grain make White Ash the perfect species for staining. It stains well and holds finishes like polyurethane well....

      Being 100% organic and manufactured with no chemicals or preservatives, Ash is great for turning on a lathe and for CNC carving. It is easier to work with machine tools if they are sharpened well. This hardwood has deep roots in American culture. It has become the featured species of baseball bats and bowling pins for years. It is well-loved by professional woodworkers and makers. You can use this good-quality lumber for various woodworking projects like molding, flooring, building small specialty wood items, and other DIY projects.

      On the Janka Hardness Scale, the ranking for standard Ash hardwood is 1320 lbf.

      You can buy Ash wood boards and planks for your woodworking projects. If you're a woodworker, craftsman, creator, or manufacturer, please consider our Ash lumber!

      31 products

      31 products