Buy 48 Inch Lumber Kits Online

      We offer uniquely beautiful lumber (including softwood and hardwood) from the northeast of the USA. Each hardwood board has unique properties like density, color, and finishing. Our curated premium boards are perfect for your DIY or commercial woodworking projects. Our 48-inch lumber kits are available in 5 sizes and range from Hard Maple to White Oak lumber....

      Each lumber board at Forest 2 Home lumberyard passes a close inspection to ensure it is free from wanes, splits, or cracks. They have smooth edges, and the ends are of premium quality.

      Our hardwood boards will meet your expectations for high-end projects or smooth finishes. Lumber boards range in color from light brown to medium brown so that you can choose the best fit for your project. Essentially, our product line covers diverse specifications to meet the requirements of our customers. Consider buying from us if you want to source lumber for your finished work like: furniture, cabinets, and other purposes. We deliver what we promise.

      36 products

      36 products