Oftentimes, particularly with larger projects, you will start to recognize a series of consistent measurements that are needed throughout the project. A great way to streamline the use of these same measurements is by using a story stick. A story stick can be made from a piece of scrap wood and contains the required measurements that you will need. 

Our friend Matt Boley shared how he uses a story stick in his shop:

"I am a custom cabinet maker and my projects often consist of an abundance of doors that need to be bored at the exact same points. I mark the first door, bore the hinge holes, and check the fit. If I am satisfied, I reach for a scrap board, cut it to the length of the door and duplicate the marks onto my story stick, noting which direction is the top of the door with an arrow. The rest is simple. Take it to the other doors and mark them to be bored."

There are plenty of other uses for story sticks and over time you start to recognize more ways to use this simple tool that can help make your woodworking projects more efficient. 


Are there any tips or tricks you've picked up on around the shop that you would like to share with our growing community of woodworkers? If so, email us at marketing@forest2home.com. Happy woodworking!

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