Woodshop 101: Saving Your Glue Roller

Woodshop 101: Saving Your Glue Roller

Glue is necessary in just about every project, big or small. Proper glue application is imperative to any joint. I prefer to apply glue with a 4-inch roller. The unfortunate part is clean up. I would have to take 10 minutes after every glue up to clean off the roller. It did not take very long to realize this would not be a long-term practice. Solving the problem is incredibly simple, and it comes from the same idea that professional and DIY painters alike employ, storing your dirty rollers in a plastic container to save them from drying out. Instead of using plastic wrap like painters do, I keep my small glue roller in an air-sealed plastic container. Another good option is an old coffee container. If it is airtight, it works. I keep several containers and rollers for different types of glue and adhesives.

This tip was written by Matt Boley of Richfield, MN. Are there any tips or tricks you've picked up on around the shop that you would like to share with our growing community of woodworkers? If so, email us at marketing@forest2home.com. Happy woodworking!


  • Samuel C Bullard

    Great Idea!!!!

  • Brant Emery

    I us a similar idea, zip-lock bags. I put the roller in a qt. size bag and “roll” the bag to eliminate as much air as possible then zip it.
    When I need the roller again just unzip and attach to the handle using the bag as a glove, I never have to touch the wet roller storing or re-attaching.

  • Robert Walker

    Great idea

    Thank You

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