Wood can be an incredibly difficult material to work with. A common frustration tends to come in the middle of a project, and you are not to blame. We're talking about moisture and its impact on wood movement (also known as shrinkage and expansion). Whether you purchase lumber from a yard, the store, or through us, you must let the wood acclimate to your shop. Many makers will purchase their lumber and, before thinking about it, start building their projects. You take a break from working on your project and come back to the shop and none of your parts match up anymore.

A fellow woodworker was building a bench for his patio and had to continually re-cut his parts. He was new to the trade and could not figure out what was going on. Eventually he realized his shop was incredibly humid. The shop must be consistent or the moisture in the wood will keep wreaking havoc on your project.

Most hardwood flooring professionals will tell you the exact same thing. They tend to leave the product at the job site for at least three days before coming back to install the flooring. Our advice is to let your wood acclimate to your shop for at least a week. The moisture will settle, and you will be able to tell if you have any warped or bowed boards on your hands.

Happy woodworking!


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