Wood is Good: The Secret to Health and Well Being

Wood is Good: The Secret to Health and Well Being

A natural presence, in the home or office, can offer positive health and well-being benefits. Being around natural elements, such as wood, has similar effects of spending time in a natural environment. 

In a study conducted by the University of British Columbia, respondents found that how a room is furnished has a direct impact to how they feel. The participants responded favorably to wood filled rooms, stating they were “warm,” comfortable,” “relaxing,” natural,” inviting/welcoming”. Not only can wood affect mood, it also has been proven to effect productivity.

In a yearlong Austrian study, high school students were found to perform better in settings that incorporated wood products throughout. Students taught in the “more natural” classroom experienced decreased heart rates and perceptions of stress, while students taught in the classroom with no natural presence had increased heart rates and stress. The students with decreased heart rates and stress were calmer, hence increased productivity levels.

Humans have the tendency to want to connect with nature, whether you are aware of it or not, and is known as Biophilia. Growing evidence has shown that benefits of featuring wood in your home can include an increased sense of relaxation, decreased stress levels, decreased blood pressure, and more. Wood has also been observed to positively improve a person’s emotional state, which ultimately leads to improved psychological health and well being.

By bringing the forest to your home, you too can counteract stress and high blood pressure while improving mental health and productivity. Try it out in your home or office and let us know if you see any differences in mood or productivity!


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