Why is Hard Maple an Excellent Choice for All Types of Projects?

Why is Hard Maple an Excellent Choice for All Types of Projects?

"Maples are such sociable trees ... They're always rustling whispering to you." - Lucy Maud Montgomery

And for many a woodworker, Hard Maple lumber has truly become their closest confidante; helping them realize their wildest hardwood fantasies. 

From cabinets and kitchen accessories to sports equipment and musical instruments, Hard Maple has been one of the most popular hardwood options since time immemorial. 

Besides its versatility, this lumber is also revered for bestowing projects with exceptional durability and lustrous beauty.

Today, we’ll delve into and learn more about the species that has been every woodworker's go-to lumber for years.  

Origin of Hard Maple Hardwood

Hard Maple hardwood, also known as  Sugar Maple lumber, hails from the Sugar Maple tree, which is famous for its Maple syrup, too. and

It is available abundantly throughout the Eastern United States, the Great Lakes, and Canada. Its western limit extends through Missouri, Kansas, Iowa, and Minnesota, with a few outliers in Georgia and Carolinas. 

Cool and moist weather is most favorable for the Sugar Maple tree, which is why it's primarily found in these regions. The tree can grow on a variety of soils, like loamy sand, sand, and silt. 

Types of Hard Maple Hardwood 

  • Sugar Maple (Acer saccharum): One of the 2 Hard Maple hardwood types, it grows to a height of 50-80 feet. You can find Acer saccharum throughout the southern and northeastern United States and northeastern Canada. Those looking to make Maple syrup also prefer this variety.
  • Black Maple (Acer nigrum): This is the second variety of Hard Maple hardwood. It is close to the typical Sugar Maple tree and is called the Black Sugar Maple. The height of this species ranges from 80 to 115 feet, and it is available in the northeastern and southern United States and the northeastern part of Canada. 

Other Ways in which Hard Maple is Referred

Hard Maple species is called by other names, too. You might have already heard of Birdseye and Spalted Maple, but these are just the hardwood's character traits and not Hard Maple species as such.

  • Birdseye Maple – This name comes from the tiny knots in the grain resembling the small bird's eye. An adverse growing condition forms this defect, and this is what makes up the magnificent Birdseye Maple board.
  • Spalted Maple – Spalting, again, is a fungal discoloration of hardwood that's not limited to Hard Maple. It can be found in lumber that has started its initial stage of decay and then dried eventually to prevent further deterioration. This partial decay can give the lumber dark contrasting lines, for which it is also called Black Line Maple.

Now that you know the origin and types of Hard Maple hardwood, let's understand what makes it stand out. 

Features that Make Hard Maple the Hardwood of Choice for All Projects

Maple hardwood lumber is an incredible option for all types of woodworking projects. 


Let’s take a look. 

  • Strength & Durability – With a Janka hardness score of 1450 lbs, Hard Maple is known to be one of the most durable and robust hardwood varieties

It is resistant to splitting and warping, making it ideal for flooring and furniture. 

Naturally, products made of Hard Maple usually last longer than those made from other hardwood species.

  • Color & Grain – If you are looking for a hardwood that is light colored and warm with a natural luster, then for most woodworkers, Hard Maple is the first choice. 

Heartwood is the most coveted portion of the log in the case of most lumber types. But for this species, sapwood can be said to be of the greatest worth. 

You can get Hard Maple with both sapwood and heartwood. However, the sapwood content percentage is used to determine the different grades of Hard Maple.

  • Availability – The Sugar Maple tree's easy availability ensures an abundant supply of Hard Maple boards and lumber. 
  • Value – Hard Maple is usually more cost-effective than other hardwood types, especially if you consider its aesthetic quality and immense durability. 

The projects made with it always have an inherent resilience and elegance that confers them a greater value when compared with the other hardwood counterparts.

Are you looking for  Hard Maple wood for sale?

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So what are you waiting for?

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