4/4 Hard Maple wood being planed in an industrial sized wood planer at the Forest 2 Home shop

Top 10 Gifts for a Woodworker

Stumped on what to buy your favorite woodworker this holiday season? We asked the experts for their most wanted holiday presents! Each maker gave us a different answer on what would help them upgrade their shop that they wouldn’t necessarily buy themselves! Get some holiday shopping inspiration for your creative loved one by reading on: 

Gift #1: Space in the workshop

"Okay, dreaming big, a larger shop!"- Scott Seaman, @seaman_custom_builds 

"That's a tough one! I would have to say more shop space! It almost never feels like you have enough!" - Markis Hunt, @thereformationwoodshop

While a larger shop might not be possible to provide, there are gifts that can give your favorite maker the feeling of a larger shop! Adding shelves to store tools and materials off the ground can make a workspace easier to maneuver and maximizes the existing space you already have! Other ways to gift your woodworking a larger shop without leasing or purchasing a new space include: 

  • Painting the workshop a lighter color and installing bright lights to make it appear bigger and brighter
  • Make large tools mobile by putting their bases on wheels 
  • Help organize (and properly dispose of) scrap wood

Woodworker Scott Seaman in his woodworking workshop working on a Forest 2 Home lumber project

Gift #2: Large Belt Sander

"My dream would be a large belt sander, where I could run through all my large tables. It would help speed up my process tremendously! One day!"- Becca Janis, @builtbybecdesigns 

Large belt sanders are convenient to use, swift and durable. As Becca said, they can be a game changer when working on large projects like furniture builds! Depending on the size of the belt sander you choose to purchase, the price can range from the hundreds to the thousands but these tools prove their worth in the workshop! 

Gift #3: Laser Engraver

"[My dream gift] would be a laser engraver. I think the ability to personalize my projects would add another level to my charcuterie and cutting boards."-Kelly Ulm, @diybuildhacker 

As Kelly mentioned, laser engraving machines give each maker the ability to further customize their woodworking projects in a way that is otherwise not possible! These machines often can be used on several materials including wood, metal, stone and more!


Gift #4: SawStop

"I think the ultimate shop tool would be a high end SawStop. I was fortunate enough to get one a few years ago, but it seems like every woodworker I talk to wants a SawStop table saw."-Mike Legregni, @veteranwoodco

"Definitely a SawStop!"-Ashley, @shesthecarpenter

SawStop saw's are North America's #1 table saw as they are the safest on the market. SawStop table saws offer finger-saving technology, while providing the exact power and precision needed to accomplish the job! Though a pricey present, these table saws last for years in the workshop (and possibly help save on hospital bills from a sliced finger!). 

Gift #5: Domino 

"If I had to choose something tangible, I'd go with the Festool Domino. I can't wait to get my hands on one of those!"-Markis Hunt, @thereformationwoodshop

A domino is a hand-held tool that cuts mortises in your work, aiding in joining boards together. Mostly used for thicker materials but it can be used in tons of different applications.

Gift #6: A Set of Chisels

"A nice set of chisels!!! I feel like it can be a more intimate gift for the woodworker who loves hand tool work!"-Austin Hager, @the_wood_doc

Chisels may not be the first tool most grab in the shop, but Austin is right that it is a perfect gift for hand tool lovers! Chisel's have a variety of uses and can be implemented in various styles of woodworking including wood turning and wood carving. Chisel set costs range but good quality sets can be purchased for under $100.

Custom set of chisels used as a woodworking hand tool for woodworkers and DIYers and wood carvers and wood turners

Gift #7: Forest 2 Home lumber

"If I were to receive a woodworking related gift, I would want 5,000 bf of Walnut!"-Jon Femenella, @txyankeecarpentry 

Who wouldn't want premium hardwood lumber this holiday season?! Gifting your woodworker raw material is a great option when you're unsure of what to get them. You can't go wrong with any of the Forest 2 Home kits, our Cutting Board KitsChess Board kits or custom order boxes! If your woodworker is selective about the wood species they work with, you can always purchase a Forest 2 Home eGift card at a value of your choosing! 

Woodworker packing a box of premium quality Forest 2 Home hardwood lumber

Gift #8: Screw Drivers and Drill Bits

"Honestly though, it depends on price range. A nice solid set of screw drivers and/or bits is always good to have."-Scott Couch, @getoffthecouch_design

 Screw drivers and bits are a staple to have in the shop! These make for fantastic stocking stuffer presents and even if your woodworker has them, it never hurts to add a few more to the collection! 

Gift #9: A Planer

"Right now I have a DeWalt 2 Speed 13" wood planer on my wish list. The majority of my wood comes from dilapidated old barns in my area and I usually cut various sizes and widths with just my table saw. I've been wanting a planer...more options and cleaner pieces."-Ryan Renner, @thebirchandbloom

"Well if we're thinking DREAM gift...I'd love a 20" helical head planer! For the size boards we make, our 13" just isn't able to get the job done."-Joseph, @goodshepherdwoodshop

"That's a really hard question, I want a 20" helical planer..."-Annalee Stevens, @annieswoodwork

While each woodworker has a preference on the best planer's for their shop, a planer can be a true game changer as they make boards a consistent, smooth thickness throughout their length. 

Forest 2 Home premium 4/4 Hard Maple lumber being planed in a woodworking planer

Gift #10: Non-slip woodworking mat and pucks

This gift is a recommendation from Forest 2 Home's General Manager, Ben! Ben said a non-slip mat or puck would make a great gift, as it can be an important tool in the workshop that isn't always the first to come to mind! Prices for these grippy mats and pucks range from $10-$100+ so you can choose an option that suits your woodworkers shop best!

 Have more gift ideas for a woodworker or maker in your life? Comment them down below or send an email to marketing@forest2home.com to lend some more gift giving inspiration! 

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