The Best Way to Order Hardwood Lumber Online

The Best Way to Order Hardwood Lumber Online

You can buy hardwood online from Forest 2 Home for excellent quality and service. Buying premium hardwood lumber at a good price shouldn't be a hassle and should not break the bank, which is why the best way to order hardwood lumber online is through Forest 2 Home. When you buy hardwood online from Forest 2 Home, you're buying it directly from the source.

Our team of foresters work with our 30,000 acres and private landowners within a 100-mile radius to create responsible forestry programs. After sustainably harvesting the forests, the lumber is then brought to our facilities. We proudly keep each step of the manufacturing process in-house from debarking to kiln drying to ripping and chopping. This allows us to measure quality each step of the way because your satisfaction is what's most important to us and you'll get that by ordering wood online through Forest 2 Home. The hardwood lumber you buy online is delivered straight to your door and if there's a defect or issue, we will work with you to resolve it. That is how confident we are in our product and service.

Buy hardwood online to save time

You can buy hardwood at your convenience and have it delivered with no hassles. This is the 21st century and Forest 2 Home has worked hard to make buying hardwood online as easy as possible, but don't take our word for it. Here are a few reviews from real customers:

"In this day and age it can become rather frustrating to deal with certain companies," Richard Bailey noted in a Hardwood Basics Box review. "Not so in your case. From ordering your product, to delivery is almost seamless. It's a pleasure doing business with you, and I wish other companies would follow your lead."

"I found [Forest 2 Home] on Instagram and was somewhat apprehensive to buy online since you couldn’t see what your getting," Michael Villanueva explained on a Hard Maple 1 x 4 x 24 inch review. "However when the box arrived I was really pleased with the quality. Every board was super straight. Please I really enjoyed the hand written note on the inside of the box. This made me feel like someone actually cared about putting together my order."

Some comments about buying hardwood online from Forest 2 Home that can be found in the comments section above: 

This is why we use you guys, said @jettywoodwork.

This is why I keep ordering from the @shopf2h family @ktgcustomwoodwork said. Beautiful boards and always trusted.

I got my first F2H shipment last week and I was STUNNED that it actually measured 1x6x48! I’m for sure a repeat customer! Thank you so much! said @teekay1013.

Buy hardwood online to get more bang for your buck

The Forest 2 Home team had a look at some of our blue and orange big-box competition and were left unsurprised by the way they display lumber. Sure, the "actual" dimensions may be displayed but it is in fine print.

When they say that you are getting an 8 inch wide board, you only get 7.25 of the advertised 8 inches. In the example below, you will see in the fine print under "specifications" for a 1 in x 8 in x 8 ft board, the actual width is 7.25 in. At Forest 2 Home, you can buy full width and length hardwood online. And we also try to give you as much of the board as possible, so our thickness is 15/16 not .75 of the full inch.

Home Depot Fine Print


Buy hardwood online and join thousands of happy woodworking professionals

Forest 2 Home offers a wide variety of premium quality hardwoods at reasonable prices that are competitive with big box stores and other online retailers. Forest 2 Home is now the go-to online wood store for thousands of woodworkers, crafters, and DIYers across the United States, so buy hardwood online today to see the value for yourself and make your life easier! Here are a few more Forest 2 Home reviews: 

"Received my first order of many to come," Jason stated in his Hard Maple 1 x 6 x 72 inch review. "Ordered the cherry & maple and I was extremely happy with the products I received. All the boards were true, the maple had a few planer marks but nothing I wouldn't find at my local lumber yards. The price was really competitive as well. I was also very happy to purchase from such an environmentally conscience company. As a Carpenter that's really important to me."

"Loved the quality and ease of ordering," Bob Wolfson said in his Cherry 1 x 2 x 24 inch review. "Product was exactly as represented. I will be ordering more in the future. Highest recommendation!"

Take a look at all of the amazing projects and project build plans made by Forest 2 Home community members with hardwood they bought online.

Skateboards made by Benny at Jetty Woodwork

Skateboards made with Forest 2 Home hardwood lumber

Cutting board made by Pat Lap on a lathe

Forest 2 Home hardwood lumber cutting board

Order hardwood online from Forest 2 Home and start making your best project yet. Happy woodworking!

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  • Richard Cobble

    I’m thinking of my future orders. Would like To do a custom order but not sure I’m saving any money by doing that.,
    Maybe you can help. Walnut, Maple, Cherry. Are my three choices. 2×2×12” , 18 pcs.
    Thank you

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