The 5 Best Father's Day 2022 Gift Ideas for Woodworking Dads

The 5 Best Father's Day 2022 Gift Ideas for Woodworking Dads

If you're looking for the perfect present for your woodworking dad, we've got you covered. With Father's Day 2022 just around the corner, it's time to start thinking about what to get the special man in your life. If your dad is just getting into woodworking or if it has been his passion for years, you might be struggling to come up with the perfect gift. Here are five gift ideas that are sure to make any woodworking dad smile on Father's Day.

New tool set

If your dad is always working with his hands, he'll appreciate a new set of tools to help him get the job done. A nice set of chisels, a new power drill, or a new set of clamps will go a long way in making his woodworking projects easier and more enjoyable. Every woodworking dad loves getting new tools. If you're not sure which ones he needs, ask him what his wish list is. Chances are, he has a few items in mind that would make his Father's Day dreams come true. Clamps are always a great tool option that every woodworker needs. Here are a few options for every budget: 

  • BESSEY KREX2450 K Body REVO Clamp Kit 2 x 24 In. 2 x 50 In. and 2 KBX20 Extenders ($297 on Amazon)
  • BESSEY KRE3531 PAIR 31" K Body REVO Parallel Bar Clamp Now With Hex Key Clamping ($132 on Amazon)
  • BESSEY UK3.012 UniKlamp Case Clamp, 12-Inch ($22 on Amazon)

Gift certificate to a woodworking store

Does your dad love to shop for woodworking supplies? If so, a gift certificate to his favorite store would be a great way to let him do just that. He'll be able to get the supplies he needs to complete his next project, and he'll appreciate not having to spend his own money. Sometimes the best gift is simply giving your dad the ability to buy what he wants. A gift certificate to a woodworking store like Forest 2 Home will let him browse and choose his own hardwood lumber for any upcoming woodworking projects. No matter what he chooses, you can be sure it'll be something he loves and will use (maybe even in a gift for you!). 

Subscription to a woodworking magazine

If your dad loves staying up-to-date on the latest woodworking news, a subscription to a woodworking magazine can be the perfect gift. He'll appreciate being able to read about new tools and techniques, and he might even find some new projects to try. Whether he's an avid reader or just likes flipping through the pages, a subscription to a woodworking magazine is a great gift idea for any woodworking dad. He'll appreciate having new material to read and learn from every month. Popular WoodworkingWoodsmith, and The Family Handyman magazines are three great options. 

Hardwood Sampler Box

A Hardwood Sampler Box includes several species of hardwood lumber that is the perfect Father's Day 2022 gift for woodworking dads with skills that range from beginner to advanced. This thoughtful gift will show how much you care while also giving him something to work on that he can be proud of for years to come. For the beginner woodworking dads, a hardwood sampler box gives them the opportunity to work with hardwood species they may have never worked with before. They could discover their new favorite hardwood species! For the advanced woodworking dads, a hardwood sampler box is great to have around the shop for various woodworking projects. Having a few extra pieces of hardwood for making jigs, cutting boards, and more. He's sure to appreciate the thought and effort that went into choosing this one.

Premium Hardwood Sampler Box

Father's Day 2022 Gift Idea: Premium Hardwood Sampler Box

Ambrosia and Curly Maple Sampler BoxFather's Day 2022 Gift Idea: Maple Hardwood Sampler Box

Rustic Hickory and Walnut Sampler Box

Father's Day 2022 Gift Idea: Rustic Hardwood Sampler Box


Woodworking books

Is your dad always looking for new tips and tricks to improve his woodworking skills? If so, a book on the subject would make a great gift. Whether he's interested in learning more about woodturning or building furniture, there's sure to be a book out there that can teach him what he needs to know. There are plenty of e-books (if your dad prefers to read on a Kindle or iPad) and print options available, so you're sure to find one that fits his preference and interests. There are several out there that are woodworker's favorites, like Good Clean Fun: Misadventures in Sawdust at Offerman Woodshop. This book by Nick Offerman has a 4.8 out of 5 star rating on Amazon from 1,880 reviewers, so it has to be good!

Nick Offerman Good Clean Fun free book preview


Whether your dad is just starting out in woodworking or he's been doing it for years, these five ideas are sure to please any dad who loves working with wood. If you're looking for a great gift that will help your dad in his woodworking projects, any of these gifts would be perfect. Be sure to shop today and get your order in before the last-minute Father's Day rush!

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