A Woodworkers Guide to Spring

A Woodworkers Guide to Spring

The sun has started to shine, and the weather is getting warmer-Spring is upon us! Now is the time to start Spring cleaning and creating the outdoor projects you have been wanting to do all Winter!

Spring Cleaning

  • Sharpen your Tools- start fresh by making sure your chisels and blades are sharp and ready to go, all through the season!
  • Put up Shelving Storage- Hang-it-all hooks and double-duty bracket shelves can be a game changer for your woodshop and garage reorganization. The combination of shelves and hanging allows for more floor space to work in! 
  • Get Rid of Saw Dust- Rather than throwing it away, sawdust can be used in gardens and compost beds, used for animal bedding (research what kind of wood is okay with each animal), or can be made into fire-starter with an easy DIY of mixing it in with melted wax, pouring the mixture in egg cartons and letting it cool!
  • Magnet Broom- Grab a magnet, cover with an inside-out bag and use it to pick up any stray screws and nails that have found their way to the floor. When you are done, flip the bag around your collection and remove from magnet! You will be able to sort whatever you collected easily from the bag. 
  • Reorganize Smaller Items- If you're always losing your screws, nails, files and more, it's time to give them an identifiable home in your work space. Using laminated labels and recycled jars is an easy and effective way to organize and access your smaller materials. Or make a project out of it and build a multi-sectioned cubby to attach to pegboard!
  • Get Creative with Scrap Wood- Gather scrap wood as you clean around your woodshop and decide what is usable and what to get rid of! Get a designated scrap wood box that you can pull from when you want to get creative with some smaller pieces. 


Spring Projects

Garden Signs

A quick and easy beginner project suggestion is garden signs! Garden signs can accessorize your doorway, adornment on fences or used as key identifiers for growing plants. Creating a garden sign can be a great DIY project that gets kids involved as well! Check out this sign project that Katie was able to do with her 3-year-old!


Bird Houses

Another great project to get kids involved is bird houses. Bring nature right into your yard with a custom-built bird house, the perfect build for beginners to intermediate craftsmen. 


Plant Holders

Modern plant holders, stands and shelfs are the ideal indoor-outdoor project for the Spring season! As blooming starts, show off your plants on a custom-made hanging shelf featuring macramé rope or lift your potted plants off the ground with sleek, easily crafted plant stands. Not only do plant holders offer transportability between your indoor and outdoor spaces, but they offer a stylish touch to any room their put in! A shelf like this one can be the perfect addition to your space!


Garden Benches

There is nothing better than relaxing in the outdoors and what better spot to do some relaxing than in a handcrafted, custom-built garden bench.  With so many different bench styles, incorporating various materials alongside lumber, it shouldn’t be hard to  find one that fits your style! Check out this bench made by Ben Uyeda for some inspiration. 


Raised Garden Beds

Raised Garden Beds can be a simple but super important build. Raised garden beds can offer easier garden maintenance, better soil drainage, protection from animals and critters, more garden space, and additional advantages! Getting ahead on your raised garden bed builds this Spring will ensure optimal growth of your summer crops this year and in years to come! 



Be sure to tag us in all your builds this Spring, by using the hashtag #BuiltWithF2H on Facebook and Instagram! We love seeing the creativity in projects made with Forest 2 Home lumber and often feature them on our pages-your project could be our next blog!

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