Our Favorite Projects from 2020

Our Favorite Projects from 2020

At Forest 2 Home, we’re lucky to have a growing community of talented woodworkers. In 2020, our community members sent us photos of various woodworking projects they built with Forest 2 Home wood. Our hardwood kits are meant for any level woodworker and can be used for a variety of different projects such as cutting boards, tables, shelves, chairs and more.

Need some inspiration for your next project? Check out some of our favorite community member projects from 2020 below.

1. @blackirishwoodworks


2. @quackedwood


3. @mended_grain

4. @beardbeforeliquor


5. @gary_hilterbrandt

6. @thebuildwithethan


7. @asthelatheturns


8. @puddlepirateprojects


9. @jhilterbrandt

10. @jhhood

11. @TheDailyDIYer

12. @annieswoodworks


13. @the_wood_doc

14. @jdbomar


15. @benjaminuyeda


Next time you build with Forest 2 Home hardwood, be sure to use #BuiltWithF2H on social for a chance to win a free hardwood kit. Happy woodworking!

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