Mixed Mediums: Wood x Macramé

Mixed Mediums: Wood x Macramé

Whether recognized or not, macramé has long held a place in design and creative history. First appearing in carvings of the Babylonians and Assyrians, being incorporated into shawls, veils and towels by 13th century Arab weavers, then traveling to Europe and North Africa with the Moors, making its way to England and Queen Mary in the 17th century, establishing itself as décor in Victorian homes, used as hammocks, belts and bell fringes of British and American sailors in the 19th century and a macramé craze in the 1970’s, the art of macramé has been with us through the centuries.

The definition of macramé is “the art of knotting cord or string in patterns to make decorative articles.” Macramé’s definition does not stand up to the impressive work that is created with this cord and string, nor does it point to the other mediums that it can be incorporated with to make a masterpiece.

When incorporated with wood, macramé can be turned into a variety of art and home décor pieces, including:

  • Wall Tapestries
  • Hanging plant holders
  • Hanging shelves
  • Hanging chairs and hammock
  • Corded magazine racks, side tables, chairs and benches

With the amount of YouTube videos, free guides and tutorials on the basic knots of macramé to the most advanced, this art form is accessible to anyone looking to incorporate it in their woodshop projects.

Take a look at some of the Forest 2 Home community builds that have utilized in their workshops!

Andrew Ross and Nikki Man's Hanging Plant Shelf Collaboration

@ross_woodworking & @nikki__mans on Instagram

Macramé hanging plant shelf with 3 potted plants atop a natural grain wood shelfHanging macramé shelf with beautiful, natural wood grain, wooden beads and intricate macramé knot work


Scott Drevicky's Macramé Corded Bench (Inspired by Austin Hager's Corded Bench)

@mended_grain on Instagram

Macramé corded bench created with natural hardwood and woven macramé ropeWoven macramé bench atop a beautiful DIY woodworking hardwood bench with natural wood grain


Chelsea's Custom Bathroom Shelf

Beginner macramé knots with gold hardware, about to be attached to Cherry wood to create a hanging shelfCompleted macramé and Cherry hardwood hanging shelf adorned with a candle and potted plant for the perfect bathroom decor


Will you be incorporating macramé in your future woodworking projects? Be sure to share your final Forest 2 Home builds with us by emailing marketing@forest2home.com or sharing them across social media using hashtag #BuiltWithF2H! We can't wait to see what you create-Happy Woodworking!


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