Hardwood lumber boards over layed on a gray concrete slab

Mixed Mediums: Wood x Concrete Cement

Wood and concrete have long been pitted against one another-which is the better building material and what will stand up best to the test of time? These two materials have ideal building properties for construction where the pros and cons of each are in a constant battle. In the woodshop, the decision between “either, or” can be stripped away to make the simple answer be “both.”

In interiors, wood and concrete are in harmonious duality-one is a nod to nature, while other is a nod to man-made material, yet the pairing of the two is pleasant on the eye. The contrast of the warm, natural element of wood and the cold stark concrete works as a perfect balancing act. The combination is so popular, it can be witnessed in the top interior design trends of 2021, including: modern style, mid-century modern, minimalist style, Scandinavian style, industrial style, contemporary style and urban style.

When you are looking to work with concrete in the woodshop, the range in projects is unlimited; large and small scale projects are both achievable. Like epoxy resin, concrete can act as a bonding agent that showcases live edge pieces of wood that would be otherwise covered or it can create sharp lines that your boards don’t offer. Its liquid state is malleable and can easily embed wood pieces or fill pockets of space between wood slabs before it has set.

Wood and concrete projects include:

  • Table tops
  • Stools, benches, side tables
  • Candle holders
  • Plant holders

The list of options is never ending. When you are looking to work with cement in your woodshop, take the proper precautions to avoid personal hazard. This includes wearing eye protection, safety goggles and gloves, as well as long sleeved shirt and full-length pants. Be sure that nothing of personal value becomes embedded in the concrete when it is wet, as it will be unable to be retrieved when fully dried.


Have you ever used concrete in your woodshop? Are you interested in incorporating it in your future builds? If you do, be sure to send us a photo at marketing@forest2home.com or share your project on social media and use the hashtag #BuiltWithF2H. We are excited to see and share your work! Happy Woodworking!

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