Make a Tabletop for a Photography Station with Only Hand Tools

Make a Tabletop for a Photography Station with Only Hand Tools

Our friend Ben Uyeda recently made a photography station for one of his pals using our Hard Maple for the tabletop! Learn how to build your own photography stand or just the table top below. 

How to make your own table top:

Step 1

Sand the boards. Ben used Hard Maple for this build. 

Step 2

Lay out the boards and draw pencil lines to create matching slots in the sides of the boards.

Step 3

Using a biscuit jointer, create the slots that your biscuits will go into. Ben used plywood biscuits for this project. These will help ensure your tabletop is nice and solid.

Step 4

Apply glue in the slots and place biscuits in the slots. Apply more glue on top of the biscuits and on the edge of the boards.

Step 5

Use clamps to hold the boards together while your table top dries. A clamp on both sides and one on top to keep it from buckling. Pro tip from Ben: You don't need to put that much pressure, just a little bit to hold the wood close together, but you don't want to crank the clamps so hard that you crush the wood. 

Step 6

Sand again with 220 grit and prepare wood for finish by wiping down surface with lint-free rag to get off any remaining dust.

Step 7

Use your favorite finish.

And now you have a tabletop! As Ben says, "finding really wide wood boards can be tricky and expensive, so this technique comes in handy when making large table tops."

Happy woodworking!

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