Make a Custom Cutting Board with Juice Grooves [Video Tutorial by Marrazzo Woodworking & DIY]

Make a Custom Cutting Board with Juice Grooves [Video Tutorial by Marrazzo Woodworking & DIY]

Our friend Mike Marrazzo will show you how to make a beautiful cutting board with a juice groove in his YouTube tutorial. This is a great project for anyone who loves to cook, and it's a perfect gift for the foodie in your life. Here’s what Mike has to say: In this video, I am going to show you how to put a juice groove and a custom engraved name on my very first cutting board. Now, I did not show the glue up portion, but I bought the kit from Forest 2 Home hardwoods. It already came precut, surfaced-2-sides, so all I had to do was sand or plane either side. Check it out!

Tools/materials you’ll need:

Step by step instructions on how to make a custom cutting board with a juice groove:

  1. Glue up.
  2. Drum sander at 220 grit. 
  3. Then off to the CNC with the Amana Tool bowl bit (bit #45982). Mike’s pro tip: This makes a mess even with dust collection on, so this is how I handled it (see what he does by fast forwarding to 0:48 in the video).
  4. Optional: engrave the name of your choosing on opposite corners. Mike used the Amana Tool 60 degree V-Bit.
  5. Fill the engraving with epoxy. Mike used Total Boat epoxy with Black Diamond pigments to get a pink color. He taped off the area he poured into to keep the rest of the board clean and protected.
  6. Next, sand down the epoxy at 220 grit. 
  7. Cut a dowel to put sandpaper around (to sand the inside of the juice groove). 
  8. Add your logo to the back of the board.
  9. Raise the grain with water to sand smoother. Sand again up to 300 grit. Vaccum off the dust then blow off the dust with compressed air.
  10. Wipe down the denatured alcohol using a lint free cloth. Hit it againw ith the compressed air.
  11. Put a roundover on it. Mike’s pro tip: pratice with a scrap piece first. Secure the board to your working surface with clamps, then do it with the real thing!
  12. Smooth Walrus Oil Cutting Board Oil on your board. Then add Walrus Oil Board Wax with a cloth. 
  13. Optional: Install the feet by measuring your screw marks and screw the rubber stoppers in. 

Do you have a project that you would like to share with the Forest 2 Home community of woodworkers, crafters, and DIYers? We'd love to host your project made with our hardwood! Share videos, plans, and photos to Happy woodworking!

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  • AnthonyR

    It would be nice if he could do the juice groove without a " CNC" machine. Not everyone has one.

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