How to Start a Woodworking Business

How to Start a Woodworking Business

Starting a woodworking business is easy and anyone can do it; the hard part comes later. A woodworker needs to purchase tools, wood, and materials in order to get started. There are also things that will need to be done in order to prepare for customers coming into the woodshop.

Establish your business

Woodworking business owners need to take care of things like paying taxes, keeping accurate records, forming an LLC, getting woodworking business insurance, and more. Once a woodworking business has been established, it will be time for marketing, advertising, and promotion. These will bring woodworkers new customers. One of the most effective ways to build brand awareness for your new woodworking business is social media and word of mouth referrals. 

Set up your woodshop

When starting a woodworking business, it will be important to make sure that the woodshop has enough room for all the equipment and materials needed. Renting a woodshop is another option. A woodshop needs to be clean and organized in order for it to not become a fire hazard or tripping hazard. The woodworker also needs to make sure their woodshop is clean and organized in order to be safe and have everything they need.

Buy woodworking materials

Get the right wood

Woodworking materials, such as hardwood lumber, are necessary in order to create wood products that will be sold, whether finished or unfinished. Woodworking materials need to be chosen carefully so the woodworker knows what kind of wood would be best for their projects, such as premium hardwood or rustic hardwood. A good way to test out hardwood is with a Hardwood Sampler Box or a Hardwood Basics Box. There are woodworking materials available almost everywhere, including Forest 2 Home's online wood shop. Forest 2 Home is trusted by thousands of professional woodworkers scattered across the United States and Canada. 

Get the right tools

Tools are an investment that anyone starting a woodworking business will need to make. A woodworker can begin with very few tools if they want; this is good for someone who wants to be able to practice before investing in better equipment. There are woodworking tools available at almost retailers big and small. It is possible to build just about anything with only woodworking hand tools, woodworking power tools are great for some things but not necessary for many woodworking projects. Check out how to make a tabletop with only hand tools here. Review the list of hand tools we recommend in the blog 10 hand tools that every woodworker should have in their shop.

Keep track of costs

Woodworkers need to keep track of their woodworking materials so they know what they have and how much supplies will last. Keeping good records of the wood purchased and the wood used will make woodworkers more aware of wood waste and spending. Being able to determine wood prices for woodworkers' projects is an important woodworking business skill that many people are unable to do well without experience.

Over time, woodworkers will be able to expand their woodworking resources. Most woodworkers have a 'wish list' of wood that they wish to purchase once they can afford it. This wood might be wood that is particular hard to find, wood with a unique grain pattern, or wood for specialty woodworking projects.

Be Patient

Being successful in woodworking is something that takes time, effort, and commitment. Woodworkers need woodworking business skills as well as woodworking talents to be successful. Having a woodworking business plan is important, especially since woodworkers will likely be self-employed. Finding customers and getting new woodworking projects can both be challenging if the woodworker does not like networking or has no experience with it. Getting new woodworking projects is usually not a problem for woodworkers; many woodworkers end up with more work than they can handle sometimes.

Woodworkers who are looking to start their own woodworking business should try to learn and hone woodworking business skills in order to grow woodworking business, expand it, or even sell their woodshop. 

Want to learn more? Read how Scott Seaman got started with woodworking and how you can start making money from your woodworking business.

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