Hardwood Shopping Made Easy

Hardwood Shopping Made Easy

Gone are the times of driving all the way to the big bin stores just to be disappointed by picked-over, overpriced lumber. By shopping with Forest 2 Home, you can rest assured you are getting the best on the market. 


Our packs include specific lengths and widths, all of which total to 12 board feet per pack. Compared to other online shops, we also have the best prices out there.

Free Shipping 24/7

That's right. Shipping is always on us.

Quality Every Time

Each board is inspected twice by a trained lumber inspector before final approval. Our final boards are 100% clear grade on one side with no wane, rot, splits, cracks, checks, chipouts or pith.

Exceptional Customer Service

We are a fifth generation led company, and we act like it. By shopping with us, you become part of our family and you can always expect to get top of the line service. 

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  • MIchael Eubank

    I am new to Forest2Home and have already received my first delivery. Shipping was free and in a timely manner…from placing the order to receiving the material was less then six (6) days. I have a small wood work shop and believe I have found my new supplier. A minor issue with material that is currently being worked and resolved by Mikayla who has been incredibly CUSTOMER focused. Thank you Forest2Home. Regards…Michael Eubank

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