This image features a custom design, diy charcuterie board. The board is cherry wood and finished with Walrus Oil. The board also features gold hardware handles. On the board are various cookies, sweets and treats.

Get Party Ready with a Charcuterie Board from Let's DIY Big

Our friends, Cara and Jessie, from Let’s DIY Big are on a mission to empower women to tackle major projects and become fearless DIYers. They made the perfect charcuterie board for Valentine’s Day that we think would be just as great for other celebratory days! Let’s DIY Big’s project is the perfect beginner board that will become a staple (and conversation starter) at all of your holiday celebrations. 




Cara and Jessie selected a custom sized cherry board from Forest 2 Home for this project. Click our custom order form to select the ideal species and dimensions for your own board or project. 

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