Forest 2 Home - Lumber Company Pioneering Environmental Stewardship

Forest 2 Home - Lumber Company Pioneering Environmental Stewardship

Every industry must change to meet the evolving demands of its target customers. Consumers today, across industries, are looking for sustainable and environment-friendly products. Previously, organizations viewed sustainability as an unattainable objective supported only by the most forward-thinking, progressive businesses. Today, however, attitudes toward sustainability have drastically changed, and taking part in green initiatives is now practically a requirement for any successful organization. 

The lumber industry is no different and is among the many businesses to have embraced environmental responsibility successfully. Environment-friendly lumber is in high demand these days. Customers are doing their research to buy lumber that is ecologically sound.  

The core vision of Forest 2 Home has always been to utilize our raw materials to minimize our impact on the environment while providing a liveable wage to our employees so that our community can thrive. Read on to learn more.

Sustainable Steps Taken by Forest 2 Home to Manufacture State-of-the-art Hardwood Products

We believe in practicing environmentally responsible forestry and using science-based proven methods for all Forest 2 Home products. Here is a detailed account of each step of our manufacturing process:


We source all our hardwood from the Northeastern United States. To help private landowners achieve their short and long-term growth goals, we collaborate with them to develop sustainable forest management plans. Additionally, we have 30,000 acres of our own forests that we manage sustainably in upstate New York and Pennsylvania.


To assure a consistent and ongoing supply of healthy, high-quality hardwood, we responsibly harvest our lands every 15 to 30 years. The process benefits the environment and provides many people with employment security.

Growing these forests and harvesting the wood facilitates the removal of CO2 from the air and helps store it in our wood. We assist in limiting climate change brought on by greenhouse gases by cultivating these forests and harvesting the wood.


Our five state-of-the-art sawmills strictly adhere to quality control procedures. We kiln-dry our wood to ensure that our hardwood dries evenly and can be finished to a smooth exterior. And, before final approval comes from our lumber inspector, whether it is white oak lumber or ash lumber, each board is examined a minimum of four times. And that's how we know that only the best boards leave our warehouse, placing them among the best on the market.


From the time of harvest to when your hardwood is delivered, we take the utmost caution and pleasure in assuring quality. To prevent boards from shifting in transit and safeguard your hardwood's edges and corners from any damage, we have developed a packaging system to ensure your order arrives in excellent condition.

We are Not Just Ecologically Sound — There’s More to Us

With every piece of Forest 2 Home hardwood, we bring experience and expertise. Since 1904, our parent company, Gutchess Lumber, has been synonymous with premium quality in hardwood with a commitment of five generations. And Forest 2 Home further champions responsible forestry management and environmental stewardship.

We have a profound respect for lumber and the advantages it can have to enrich people's lives over the years. While Gutchess provides lumber worldwide, we came into being to support individual woodworkers and crafters across North America. Our aim is to make Northern hardwood accessible and affordable to all while adhering to Gutchess' strict quality standards.

At Forest 2 Home, we are also proud of our reputation in the industry. Consistently delivering premium quality lumber to your home, which can be transformed into beloved projects to be cherished for generations, is what we pride ourselves on.

So, if you are wondering where to buy lumber for woodworking, you can be assured of a standard that will last you a lifetime when buying from us.

A Commitment toward Future Generations

Because of their biological and ecological resources, which include a variety of native plants, animals, and fungi, naturally regenerating forests are believed to be more resilient. Therefore, Gutchess Lumber employs a group of qualified foresters who all promote and direct responsible forestry management techniques to assist us in achieving our goals.

Meanwhile, at Forest 2 Home, our commitment to environmental sustainability starts in the forest. We enable the flow of carbon sequestered in the timber to the hardwood lumber product.

According to the US Forest Service, America's forests sequester 866 million tons of carbon a year, which is roughly 16% of the US annual emissions (depending on the year). Not only does wood remove more CO2 from the atmosphere than it adds through manufacturing, but it also replaces carbon-intensive materials such as concrete or steel, thus doubling its contribution to lowering CO2.

In simple terms, that oak dining room table your grandmother gave you has carbon trapped in it from over 100 years ago. By utilizing this simple family heirloom and not buying a plastic or metal table, you are contributing to a more sustainable future, and you don’t even know it!

As experts in the area of forestry, we also implement forestry practices mentioned above and more on our business land as well as for individual forest landowners. Our techniques not only allow forests to regenerate naturally but also help them become more resistant to climate change. This is us doing our bit in order to make a difference, and we hope to contribute to a greener future for generations to come.

To learn more about our products, visit our online store!

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