F2H Gives Back: Annalee's Donation to L.A. C.O.P.S.

F2H Gives Back: Annalee's Donation to L.A. C.O.P.S.

Since our beginning, Forest 2 Home has been dedicated to supporting woodworkers nationwide by providing affordable, premium quality lumber. We were recently motivated to extend our promise of supporting the individual woodworker to the communities in which they reside. The F2H Gives Back campaign launched April 2021, giving us the opportunity to partner with our woodworking community to give back to local towns, organizations and communities, through their talent and passion for woodworking. 

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Annalee Stevens, a 14-year-old woodworker in Louisiana, launched the F2H Gives Back campaign with her project for the L.A. C.O.P.S., otherwise known as the Louisiana Concerns of Police Survivors. L.A. C.O.P.S. is a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting individuals and families that have lost someone in the line of duty, by providing programs and services they can utilize. 

L.A. C.O.P.S. holds a special place in Annalee's heart, which is why she chose the organization for her project. Around the age of 7, Annalee met Sophia Johnson on the baseball field, where her mom, Tanya Johnson and Annalee's dad, Jack Stevens, coached the baseball team. Throughout the years, the girls remained close friends. Sophia's father, Corporal Robert Johnson even became an SRO at Annalee's school, before his death. 

Annalee's project was created in Corporal Johnson's memory and to further support other families, like the Johnson's, that have lost a member in the line of duty. Through the funds raised with her project, Annalee will be able to ensure that Sophia, her sisters and other children will continue to go to C.O.P.S. Kids Camp. 

Wood flag, wooden flag coin challenger donated to L.A. C.O.P.S. by Annalee Stevens, a young woodworker

Forest 2 Home would like to thank Annalee for her incredible project and incredible heart. We couldn't feel luckier to work with such a talented individual who is dedicated to such an amazing organization. We would also like to thank the L.A. C.O.P.S., for all that they do for families in their community. 

 Annalee and the Johnson family with a woodworking project of a wood flag coin charger donated to the Louisiana Chapter of Concerns For Police Survivors Orgganization

Click here to read more about Annalee's donation. Stay tuned for the next F2H Gives Back Campaign project next month! 


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