Female woodworker, Ryan Renner, working with woodworking tools and wood glue in wood work shop. Ryan is working on woodworking wall art

F2H Gives Back: Ryan's Donation to the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society

Forest 2 Home was fortunate enough to partner with Ryan Renner- known as Birch + Bloom on social media-in October for a project. When seeking a F2H Gives Back Campaign November partner, we knew Ryan would be the perfect one. Not only does Ryan have incredible skill in the workshop but she has an incredible heart and immediately knew that in partnering, she would like to raise funds for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. Here is what Ryan had to say about her project and the organization she chose to raise funds for:

Female woodworker holding woodworking project made of Forest 2 Home lumber Rustic Hickory wood and Rustic Walnut hardwood

I love having creative freedom when it comes to my art. Sometimes I have no clue where I'm even going to start when I begin a piece. Other times, I dream designs and patterns and I wake up with fresh inspiration. When starting this piece, all I knew was I was going to make it entirely out of Forest 2 Home wood. And I was so excited with all the possibilities. I didn't want to paint each piece as I wanted the natural beauty of the wood to shine. So I let it take me where it wanted to go. I was just along for the ride. 

Forest 2 Home lumber Rustic Hickory wood and Rustic Walnut wood featured in wood art made in woodworking workshop by female woodworker Ryan Renner. Wood art project features wooden mosaic of premium hardwood lumber

When F2H asked if I would be their November partner for the F2H Gives Back Campaign, I immediately was on board. If I could use my craft and time to create a piece that could raise money for a good cause (while using some insanely awesome hardwood), it was a no brainer. Right away I knew the organization I wanted the money to be donated to: The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. This past January, by best friend's brother, Colonel Matthew Brennan, was diagnosed with 2 types of Leukemia and he's been trying to beat this awful disease ever since. I've seen first hand what this family is going through and it is heartbreaking. There are so many other families going through the same thing. 

My hope is that one day there will be a cure for all types of cancer. And any donation in any amount is a step in the right direction. If you would like to donate, please visit www.lls.org. Together, we can help find a cure and give these families hope!

Wood art and wood wall art made with Forest 2 Home lumber Rustic Walnut and Rustic Hickory wood in woodworking shop

In total, Ryan's project raised $2,195 through donations and was gifted to one of the donors. Stay tuned for Ryan's next project-she is already brainstorming ways to continue to give back through her beautiful woodworking projects! Follow along on Ryan's Website, Instagram and Facebook page.

What Forest 2 Home lumber did Ryan use to create her wood mosaic? 

Ryan featured Forest 2 Home Rustic Walnut and Rustic Hickory in this project. Both species are available in 10 bf and 20 bf kits. 

Wooden mosaic created by a female woodworker in workshop. Wood art features Forest 2 Home lumber Rustic Walnut and Rustic Hickory hardwood

About F2H Gives Back 

Forest 2 Home has been dedicated to supporting woodworkers nationwide by providing affordable, premium quality lumber. We were recently motivated to extend our promise of supporting the individual woodworker to the communities in which they reside. The F2H Gives Back Campaign launched in April 2021, giving us the opportunity to partner with our woodworking community to give back to local towns, organizations and communities through their talent and passion for woodworking. F2H Gives Back is a monthly initiative that allows partners to use their expertise to build items, made of donated Forest 2 Home lumber, to give to a local organization or non-profit of their choice. The goal of this initiative is to make an impact and strengthen local communities around the United States. 

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