Blind woodworker, John Furniss, working on F2H lumber woodturning project that features Forest 2 Home Ash wood and Walnut wood. John is wearing a t-shirt and workshop apron and has a long, dark beard. He is putting clamps on his wood turning project.

F2H Gives Back: John's Donation to Evergreen Habitat for Humanity

In May, Forest 2 Home partnered with John Furniss for the inaugural Mental Health Action Day. From then onwards, our relationship has continued, and we know we wanted to partner with John on a meaningful project. His talent as a blind woodworker has inspired us, but his positivity, important messages and overall outlook can inspire masses. All of these traits made John the perfect partner for the F2H Gives Back campaign and so he became our August partner. John’s incredible (and also incredibly artistically talented!) wife Anni, helped to facilitate the partnership and share photos and videos of John’s project. When we asked John and Anni who they would like to donate their project to, they chose the Evergreen Habitat for Humanity. Here is what they had to say:

Forest 2 Home Walnut wood and Ash wood featured in a wood turned bowl that has 3 ridges at its top and a wavy pattern

We chose Evergreen Habitat for Humanity for many reasons. Anni used to work for them for about four years and John volunteered with them all that time as well-he helped paint a house once, and regularly repaired small engines in their Restore. John even helped build bird houses for a big event one year. We know firsthand how much this wonderful organization does for the community. We have watched homeowners get the keys to their first house, and it is so touching to see families move from poverty to prosperity. Evergreen Habitat helps people become homeowners and teaches them how to take care of their homes. We are proud to raise money for them through the F2H Gives Back Campaign!

Blind woodworker John Furniss working on woodworking woodturning project in workshop. John has Forest 2 Home Walnut wood and Ash wood on a lathe machine. John is wearing a t-shirt, workshop apron and woodworking PPE to avoid wood dust inhalation while woodturning

John and Anni will be listing John’s wood turned bowl, made from Forest 2 Home lumber, on their website on September 12, 2021. All proceeds from the bowl’s sale will be directly donated to the Evergreen Habitat for Humanity to financially support their future projects and their mission overall.

To learn more about John’s journey and incredible woodworking, you can find more information on his website, Instagram and TikTok. Be sure to check out some of Anni’s art on her Instagram page, @annifurnissart.

Woodworker John Furniss working in his woodworking workshop. Removing woodturning project from wood glue clamps to be turned on lathe machine to create a wood turned bowl from Forest 2 Home Ash wood and Walnut wood

What Forest 2 Home lumber did John use for his wood turned bowl?

John used 3 board feet of Ash wood and 3 board feet of Walnut wood. If you are looking for custom Forest 2 Home lumber kits, use the custom order form to request exactly what you need.

 Wood turned bowl created by woodworker John Furniss featuring intricate, dual sided pattern with alternating pieces of Forest 2 Home walnut wood and Ash wood

About F2H Gives Back

Forest 2 Home has been dedicated to supporting woodworkers nationwide by providing affordable, premium quality lumber. We were recently motivated to extend our promise of supporting the individual woodworker to the communities in which they reside. The F2H Gives Back Campaign launched in April 2021, giving us the opportunity to partner with our woodworking community to give back to local towns, organizations, and communities through their talent and passion for woodworking. F2H Gives back is a monthly initiative that allows partners to use their expertise to build items, made of donated Forest 2 Home lumber, to give to a local organization or non-profit of their choice. The goal of this initiative it to make an impact and strengthen local communities around the United States.

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