Woodworker and furniture builder Bryan Luke donates a wooden flag crafted with Cherry and Hard Maple premium hardwood to Seaside Police Department

F2H Gives Back: Bryan's Donation to the Seaside Police Department

Bryan Luke is many things-a dog dad, a woodworker and furniture builder, active duty in the United States Navy and a community member of Monterey, California. When Forest 2 Home approached Bryan to be our F2H Gives Back Campaign partner for the month of July, Bryan knew exactly who he wanted to create a project for: his local precinct, the Seaside Police Department. When asked why he chose the Seaside Police Department as his donation organization, Bryan said this:

"I just knew it had to be the Seaside Police Department...One day, I was working in my shop and I saw a squad car rolling down the middle of my street. There were two different officers on either side, strapped with assault rifles. It dawned on me in that moment that these men and women did not wake up and hope to respond to a shots fired or active shooter call. They didn't go to work thinking that there was a chance they weren't coming home. These are extraordinary people who go to work to protect and serve OTHERS. They patrol for the safety of others, sometimes without regard to their own safety. I just wanted to show them that there are individuals in the community that love them and pray for their safe return at the end of their shifts everyday."

Just in time for the Fourth of July, Bryan was able to complete his donation to the Seaside Police Department, crafting a beautiful wooden flag from premium hardwoods. For his project, Bryan used Cherry hardwood and Hard Maple wood from Forest 2 Home. The flag is now on display, along with other notable officer memorabilia in the Seaside Police Department Headquarters. 

Wood flag constructed of premium hardwood species in Cherry hardwood and Hard Maple wood from shopf2h

What Forest 2 Home lumber did Bryan use for his project?

 Bryan used 1 in x 3 in x 24 in Hard Maple wood and 1 in x 3 in x 24 in Cherry wood.

Wooden flag build with premium hardwood species Cherry wood and Hard Maple hardwood from Forest2Home

Find more of Bryan's project on Instagram! 


About F2H Gives Back

Forest 2 Home has been dedicated to supporting woodworkers nationwide by providing affordable, premium quality lumber. We were recently motivated to extend our promise of supporting the individual woodworker to the communities in which they reside. The F2H Gives Back campaign launched April 2021, giving us the opportunity to partner with our woodworking community to give back to local towns, organizations and communities, through their talent and passion for woodworking. F2H Gives back is a monthly initiative that allows partners use their expertise to build items, made out of donated F2H hardwood, to give to a local organization or non-profit of their choice. The goal of this initiative is to make an impact and strengthen local communities around the United States.

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  • Casper Endlein

    I’m 85 years old and just decided to take up woodworking a year or two ago. Like many elderly people, I have trouble catching onto things. At the moment, I’m in the process of setting up a shop in my polebarn. I feel confident in handling my power tools other than my bandsaw – setting it up and tuning it. After I am set up in my polebarn, whom can I look to for educating me to the bandsaw. Thanks n advance. Cas

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