Does the woodchuck really chuck wood?

Does the woodchuck really chuck wood?

How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?

Common answer: If he held a saw in his little paw, a ton of wood he could!

Unfortunately, contrary to popular belief, the woodchuck does not chuck any wood (with or without a saw), but if woodchucks could chuck wood they would chuck 700 pounds worth and we know they would prefer to chuck our hardwood for many reasons. Here's a few:

1. It is visually and emotionally appealing

Not only is there a species for everyone’s taste, maybe you like a darker walnut or a lighter ash, but wood has also been proven to affect our moods.

2. It is versatile

You can cut and size on demand, providing flexibility that not many materials can match.

3. It is recyclable

Scraps left over? Chip them. Chips can aerate compost and feed the healthy bacteria that breaks down organic matter. Chips can also be used for mulch, fuel, and erosion control. Getting rid of an old piece of wooden furniture? Consider recycling it by donating it to Habitat for Humanity or your favorite local nonprofit home improvement store.

4. It is durable and long lasting

If maintained properly, wood can last hundreds of years. Not only can you keep something you make for a very long time, you can also pass it along for the next generation to enjoy.

5. It is better for the environment

Save the woodchucks! Wood sequesters carbon, and in fact, a lot of it. That carbon is not released back into the atmosphere until the wood is burned or destroyed. Unlike products from larger stores like IKEA, furniture or pieces made from wood can last a very long time. Instead of trashing them, after you’ve decided to redecorate or move, you can gift the wood made products to a family member, sand it down to re-stain to match new décor, etc.

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