DIY Holiday Gift Ideas: Start Planning Before the Holiday Season

DIY Holiday Gift Ideas: Start Planning Before the Holiday Season

Before we even know it, there will be a chill in the air and holiday season will be upon us. Its natural to think, “It’s way to early to start putting up my decorations” and while that might reign true, it is never too early to get started on present selection-especially when the presents are going to be handmade! Don’t let the chaos of holiday season stop you from getting out into your shop and creating beautiful, homemade kits—Forest 2 Home is here to help you start your DIY gifts now! Here is some DIY woodworking project inspiration to create the perfect present for the perfect person!

DIY Present Ideas

Custom wine rack and candle holders

These DIY woodworking presents are small but mighty and will become staples in whichever home they become apart of. The wine rack and candle holder sets-like that created by Gary Hilterbrandt-makes for the perfect DIY present for Mom!

Made with Forest 2 Home Walnut wood, Red Oak wood and Cherry wood

DIY custom wine rack and woodworking project DIY candle holders made by woodworker in woodworking shop with Forest 2 Home lumber  

(created by @gary_hilterbrandt on Instagram)

Epoxy resin coasters

Feature a favorite color or customized logo with resin coasters. Epoxy resin coasters are durable against moisture and add a pop of color to whatever space they’re in! They make for great living room décor, bar cart and bar décor and are a beautiful yet functional present. Woodworking duo, Straight Edge Woodworks 508, created these epoxy resin coasters. Learn their tips for beginning to work with epoxy resin here.

 Made with Forest 2 Home Walnut hardwood 

DIY custom epoxy resin coasters made with blue epoxy resin river pour and Forest 2 Home premium hardwood lumber Walnut wood

Made with Forest 2 Home Hard Maple wood

Customized logo on epoxy resin coaster personalized DIY gift woodworking gift made with epoxy resin

(created by @straightedgewoodworks508 on Instagram)

Cutting board kits for custom kitchen décor

The Forest 2 Home cutting board kits make for a great present to give both deconstructed and assembled! Our cutting board kits feature Forest 2 Home premium hardwood lumber pieces that have been surfaced-2-sides and are ready for assembly, with minimal additional flattening, planing and shaping. These cutting board kits are perfect for any chef in your life and are a functional piece of kitchen décor!

Forest 2 Home Cutting Board Kits 

Premium hardwood cutting board kits from the F2H Shop. Shop F2H Cutting board kids made from premium hardwoods Walnut wood, 4/4 Hard Maple wood, Cherry wood, Ash wood, Oak wood

Not only are cutting board kits a great DIY gift, but the Forest 2 Home cutting board kits are a great craft! Get these for your kids out to the workshop to assemble one, just like Tobias and Kaleb did with their dad! These two are already working on their second cutting board!

The Georgia Cutting Board Kit

 Young woodworker holding a custom cutting board kit made from Forest 2 Home premium quality hardwood cutting board kits

(created by @ktgcustomwoodwork and sons on Instagram)

Build a whiskey box

Woodworker JD Bomar is an expert at creating beautiful and intricate whiskey boxes. These whiskey boxes make the perfect present for any spirits connoisseur and are a beautiful way to feature special bottles in your home bar.

Built with Forest 2 Home Walnut hardwood and White Oak wood.

 Wooden box made by woodworker. Whiskey box made from Forest 2 Home hardwoods

Made with Forest 2 Home Cherry wood and Walnut wood

Custom made hand made wooden whiskey box made with Forest 2 Home Cherry wood and Walnut hardwood

(made by @jdbomar on Instagram)

Create open concept shelving

There have been various shelves created from Forest 2 Home lumber, but with interior design trends like Japandi on the rise, sleek lines and open concept shelving are becoming increasingly popular. Cody and Chelsea made too fantastic shelves that are perfect for any #shelfie! They would make a great present for any interior design maven who is redoing their next space!

Made with Forest 2 Home Hard Maple wood.

Open concept Japandi Shelf created by female woodworker in woodworking workshop

(built by Find project plans here)

Made with Forest 2 Home Cherry wood.

 Open concept woodworking shelf open shelving made by woodworker hanging with macrame
(built by Chelsea. Find project plans here)

Keepsake boxes

Whether you’re gifting to a mother-to-be, newly wed couple, friend buying their first home or someone else, a wooden keepsake box is an incredible gift. Not only will this wood project be cherished by the recipient but it will likely be passed down through generations as the vessel for important moments and memories. Cody and Ron have both crafted incredible wooden boxes using Forest 2 Home lumber in their workshops

Built with Forest 2 Home Hard Maple wood and Walnut wood.

 Custom DIY gift wooden box. Wood box keepsake box made with Forest 2 Home Walnut hardwood and Hard Maple wood
(created by on Instagram)

Made with Cherry wood, Hard Maple wood and Walnut wood

 Musical keepsake box wooden box created by a woodworker in woodworking workshop
(made by @succulents_and_sawdust on Instagram)


Whatever you choose to make this holiday season, be sure you’re making it with Forest 2 Home premium hardwoods. As you create those perfect presents, be sure to tag us on Instagram with @shopf2h and use hashtag #BuiltWithF2H on project photos on Facebook and Instagram! You can also send project updates and photos to We can’t wait to see what you create! Happy Woodworking!

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