DIY a Wooden Pumpkin with Forest 2 Home Lumber

DIY a Wooden Pumpkin with Forest 2 Home Lumber

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With the start of Autumn and Halloween and Thanksgiving on the horizon, fall décor is at the top of everyone’s mind (and Pinterest boards!). Make your fall décor stand out by crafting a pumpkin out of Forest 2 Home hardwood lumber! Not only is this project a great beginner woodworking project to get you feeling creative, but it is also a fantastic way to get the kids to join you in the woodworking shop! The wooden pumpkin can be crafted entirely out of scrap wood, without any additional cuts necessary, so this craft can be done absolutely anywhere!

Materials required for wood pumpkin DIY

  • 5 pieces of Forest 2 Home scrap wood (mixed species and sizes are okay!)

  • Paint

  • Paint brushes

  • Titebond wood glue

  • Sandpaper

Materials needed for wooden pumpkin woodworking project made with Forest 2 Home premium hardwood lumber

 Step one: Laying out wood pieces

When crafting this DIY wood pumpkin, I wanted to keep true to the shape of a pumpkin so I was strategic about which wood piece would go where. As all of my pieces were varied in size, laying them out helped me map out the pumpkin shape.

Forest 2 Home premium hardwood lumber mixed species hardwood lumber. Shop F2H hardwoods to be crafted into DIY home decoration for Fall decor, Halloween decor and Thanksgiving decoration

Step two: Painting your woodworking project

While this pumpkin could absolutely be made to showcase the natural wood grain, I wanted my pumpkin decorations to be an eye catching orange! I used Apple Barrel paint in color Harvest Orange for the base color.

 Forest 2 Home premium hardwood lumber mixed hardwood species. Painting woodworking project made with Shop F2H lumber. DIY Fall decor wooden pumpkin beginner DIY tutorial

To make this a more rustic DIY, I added trace amounts of white paint and gold paint on top of my orange paint! I think this adds some additional dimension that will pair nicely with my fall interior and exterior décor!

 Forest 2 Home premium hardwood lumber mixed hardwood species. Painting woodworking project made with Shop F2H lumber. DIY Fall decor wooden pumpkin beginner DIY tutorial

Step 3: Using wood glue to secure wood pieces

Working from the bottom up, I put a dot of wood glue on the bottom piece of my pumpkin and put the wooden piece that would go above it on top of the glue. I repeated this process with all my wood pieces. As I didn’t have clamps available, I used a book to keep my pumpkin pieces together while they dried!

Titebond Wood Glue applied to shop f2h premium hardwood lumber. Mixed species of Forest 2 Home lumber painted woodworking project to be turned into DIY Halloween decoration and DIY wooden decor

Step 4: Painting wooden stem

While the wood glue and paint dried on the body of the pumpkin, I painted the stem. The stem of your pumpkin can be left natural, painted white, green, brown, or in my case, gold! Stems can be adorned with ribbon, twine or thread after being secured to the pumpkin body with wood glue, though I opted not to do this.

 Gold paint being applied to Forest 2 Home premium hardwood lumber scrap wood woodworking DIY project

Step 5: Using sandpaper on paint to add a rustic touch

To include some additional distressing on my pumpkin, I used sandpaper to remove the paint in select areas! Using the sandpaper adds a nice, rustic element, making this pumpkin ideal farmhouse décor!

 Female woodworker holding sandpaper to be used on painted woodworking project. Wooden pumpkin fall home decor being sanded with sandpaper to remove excess paint for a rustic farmhouse look

Step 6: Have fun decorating with your DIY wooden pumpkin

This fall woodworking project is a great addition to my inside fall décor and outside fall decor! These pumpkins are easy to create, are a great project for kids, are a cost-effective woodworking project and so many can be made to decorate your space this fall!

DIY painted wooden pumpkin interior decoration. DIY home craft with candles

Wooden pumpkin fall craft for kids and woodworking fall project for woodworkers painted pumpkin DIY decoration

What fall woodworking project will you be creating? Send your photos and project plans to Happy Woodworking!

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