Creative DIY Wood Projects & the Best Lumber for them

Creative DIY Wood Projects & the Best Lumber for them

Woodworking is one of the basic needs of human life and an exclusive expression of art that has been around for thousands of years. The craft of woodworking has been successfully bequeathed generation after generation, and we have used it in an array of furnishings, jewelry, beds, storage units, shelters, vehicles, and so much more.

"Every moment I shape my destiny with a chisel, I am the carpenter of my own soul.” - Rumi

From being a fundamental chore to being a hobby, woodworking plays a lot of roles in our lives. But, like an onion, woodworking and its uses come with layers of understanding before one implements it in a project.

Woodworking projects are abundant for both professional crafters and newbies. That being said, we bring you some creative DIY wood-crafting projects to try, irrespective of skill level. Don’t worry about researching the best lumber because we’ve covered that too.

So let's get started!

1. Kitchen Table

Lumber to be used: Oak

A wooden kitchen table is a timeless element in any interior space. Not only do wooden tables ignite a sense of comfort, authenticity, and elegance, but they are also easy to craft by beginners and veteran woodworkers.

This sturdy piece can be constructed quickly. All you need is a design layout and lumber in your desired shape/design.

2. Wooden Bedside Table

Lumber to be used: Oak, Cherry, etc.

You can experiment with a lot of designs when it comes to wooden bedside tables. All you need is a wooden board, cordless drill, chisels, brand nailer, miter saw, and table saw.

Make sure you begin with drafting out a plan for the bedside table and then proceed with cutting the lumber according to the design. Conclude the structure of the legs and add a tabletop.

So, what are you waiting for?

Buy hardwood lumber from Forest 2 Home and craft your own bedside table!

3. Towel Rack

Lumber to be used: Oak, Cherry, etc.

This easy-to-construct DIY wooden towel rack will not only escalate your bathroom’s interiors but will also serve as a utility. You can either make a wooden ladder rack from scratch or repurpose old wood to make these. Grab your basic woodworking supplies like a saw, hammer, clamp, nails, measuring tape, scale, etc. If you are interested in adding some color, don’t forget to use art supplies as well. You can also scale this project further and use it as a blanket/throw rack in your living room.

If you are looking forward to constructing this ladder from scratch, don't forget to buy hardwood lumber or lumber per board foot.

4. Hardwood Planter

Lumber to be used: Cedar, Walnut, etc.

A wooden planter is a very practical option if you are short on space. Complementing every corner of the house, wooden planters are one of the finest options to secure your in-house-grown vegetables/flowers.

You can construct your planter based on the design you pick. All you need is four lengths of wood, a drill, a screwdriver, a Vinyl screen, and a hammer.

Adding a lining inside the planter along with pieces of an old composting bag keeps the moisture intact. This, in turn, reduces the need to water the planters regularly.

5. Floating Night Stand

Lumber to be used: Oak, Cherry, Maplewood

Floating nightstands are punctuations in interior themes and are functional at the same time. Start by buying a lumber board foot, wooden screws, a saw, brad nails, and a drill. After you are done with the process of assembling the board, you can also add some fun Pantone that goes with the aesthetic of the room.

These are some creative wood craft projects you can make if you are starting out on your woodworking journey or are looking forward to having some fun!

Wondering about your lumber needs? Well, you don’t have to because Forest 2 Home is here to help!

Buy hardwood lumber in different sizes, species, kits, etc., from us and experience premium-quality lumber at affordable rates. We ship exclusive lumber wood to your doorstep for every project and every need.

As always, Happy Woodworking!

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