Create Your Own Farmhouse Style Console with the Daily DIYer

Create Your Own Farmhouse Style Console with the Daily DIYer

Sometimes you just need a little inspiration, which is why we were thrilled to partner with The Daily DIYer, who built this beautiful console with one pack of 1 x 6 x 48" Red Oak and just a few other tools. 

Follow the simple steps below to create your very own farmhouse style console!

Step 1

Forest 2 Home - Red Oak Cut List

Cut List:
(3) 1”x6” @ 40” Long (console table top)
(1) 1”x6” @ 35” Long (bottom shelf)
(2) 1”x6” @ 32” Long (legs)


Step 2

Forest 2 Home - Red Oak - Holes

Next, add pocket holes to both ends of the 35” long 1”x6” boards. You’ll also want to add pocket holes to only one end of each of the (2) 32” long 1”x6” boards.


Step 3

Forest 2 Home - Red Oak

Now to assemble your console table. The 35” long board is the bottom shelf and will be secured first with 1 ¼” pocket hole screws. Attach this to the 32” long legs, starting 3” up from the bottom. This will give it that small space between the floor and the bottom shelf. Make sure the pocket hole ends of the legs are facing
inward towards each other, and at the top, opposite the shelf end. Next, secure the 40” long table top onto the legs, attaching from the pocket holes in the legs, up into the bottom of the table top.


Step 4

Forest 2 Home - Red Oak

Using a brad nailer, 1 ¼” brad nails, and wood glue - attach a 40” long board onto the front of the table. Then flip and repeat on the other side.


Step 5

Forest 2 Home - Red Oak

Last, stain and seal your console table. I used Jacobean wood stain and clear matte polycrylic, both by Minwax.


Step 6

Forest 2 Home - Red Oak


Planning to create your own console? We'd love to see it. Tag @ShopF2H and #BuiltWithF2H for a chance to be featured!

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  • Angie

    I built this yesterday. I used material I already had. But looking forward to using up the materials I have and then getting to try out some of what you guys have. Thanks for the project idea.

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