DIY woodworking kitchen decor spice rack crafted by woodworker in workshop from Forest 2 Home lumber premium hardwood Cherry wood species.

Create a Spice Rack with Nathan Best Woodworking

Master woodworker and Forest 2 Home community member, Nathan Best, crafted a beautiful spice rack from Forest 2 Home Cherry wood. Nathan allowed for Forest 2 Home to share his incredible workshop project photos and write up so that other members of our woodworking and making community can have some wood shop project inspiration. Below is what Nathan shared from creating his DIY spice rack:

Commissioned Cherry wood spice rack

 "I had a friend reach out and ask about my building them a spice rack. This has been such a  fun project to work on. The joinery is fairly simple (through rabbet? Is that a thing?). The material is this beautiful Cherry with which I've enjoyed working (my first purchase from Forest 2 Home). One of the client's requests was that I 'have good thoughts' in my head while working on the piece. This really made me be more mindful of how and when I worked."

Vise and batten set up

"Sometimes your vise setup just doesn't work for what you need to clamp. In this instance, I needed to flush up where the back and front bars passed through the sides on this spice rack.

A batten with a holdfast and two parallel clamps across the bench helped me securely attach this to the point where I could smooth plane across it without it moving. It also helps to have a really sturdy bench."

Woodworker crafting DIY wood project from Cherry wood in his workshop. Small woodworking project created with Forest 2 Home hardwood Cherry wood

Workshop project conclusion

"I'm fairly happy with how these spice racks came out. They are 21 inches long x 4 inches deep x 8 inches high and are designed to be mounted on the wall. When I was looking at the final pictures, I realized they looked like church pews, which was entirely unintentional! 

Overall, a fun project. I look forward to building more of these in the future."

Small woodworking project and DIY wood project featuring Forest 2 Home Cherry hardwood premium lumber

To see this project and others from Nathan, head to his website here


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