Cool Woodworking Projects for Everyone

Cool Woodworking Projects for Everyone

Woodworking is a process of shaping and joining wood together to create objects or structures. It is an incredibly rewarding hobby, as it allows you to create useful and beautiful things with your own two hands. However, it can also be quite daunting for beginners, as there are so many different techniques and tools involved. Not only is learning the techniques and tools a productive way to spend your time, but it's also a lot of fun. And the best part is that there are woodworking projects for all skill levels to help with it. Whether you're just starting out or you've been woodworking for years, there's always a new project to try. Each of the following cool woodworking projects were made by our amazing community members with Forest 2 Home hardwood.

Cool woodworking projects: DIY wood sign

DIY Wood Sign

One cool woodworking project that's perfect for beginners is a simple wood sign. You can find hardwood boards in the Forest 2 Home wood shop, and all you need to do is paint or stain them and add your own personal message. You can find a step by step tutorial for the build above in our blog DIY Painted Wood Sign (No Stencils Needed)

 Custom Wooden Picture Frame


If you want something a little more challenging, you could try making a wood frame for a mirror or piece of art. This project requires more precise cuts and machinery, but it's still relatively easy to do if you have access to the tools needed. Scott Seaman of Seaman Custom Builds has a tutorial for this frame, which you can find on his YouTube channel here. Below is a snippet of the amazing tutorials Scott makes, that feature a ton of cool woodworking projects.

Cool woodworking projects Hemingway shelf

Hemingway Shelf System

There are also woodworking projects that are perfect for more experienced woodworkers. If you're looking for a new furniture piece, you could try building a coffee table, end table, or a super cool Hemingway shelf system, like our General Manager Ben made for his home. He made a video and we have step by step instructions you can follow in the blog Build a Hemingway Shelf System with F2H's General Manager.

Cool woodworking project: Build a Chief Hat box

Chief Hat Box

Any woodworker will tell you that one of the most satisfying aspects of the craft is being able to make something useful and functional. That's why this cool woodworking project is perfect for the service member in your life. The chief hat box is a sturdy and stylish way to store and protect a service member's hats. The box is made from solid wood, with hardware and custom-engraving on the lid. A veteran woodworker and Forest 2 Home community member provided the build plans so you can build a chief hat box in the blog Build a Chief Petty Officer's Hat Box with Puddle Pirate Projects.

Cool woodworking projects: round cutting board on the lathe

Circular Cutting Board on the Lathe

One cool woodworking project is to turn a large cutting board on the lathe. This requires careful planning and execution, but the results can be very impressive. If you're looking for a challenging and rewarding woodworking project, turning a cutting board on the lathe is definitely worth considering. Our friend Pat Lap in Canada made this super cool round cutting board on a lathe and shared a YouTube tutorial for you. You can find it in the blog Make a Cutting Board with Pat Lap-Le PicBois.

Whatever level of woodworker you are, there's definitely a woodworking project out there that's perfect for you. These projects are not only great for practicing your woodworking skills, but they also make charming gifts or simply add a touch of handmade beauty to your space. So whether you're a seasoned woodworker or a complete novice, there's sure to be a project here that you'll love. Did we miss any cool woodworking projects? Drop them in the comments below!

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