Build This DIY Hanging Shelf to Elevate Any Bathroom

Build This DIY Hanging Shelf to Elevate Any Bathroom

Whether you’re looking to add some extra storage to your bathroom or simply add some decor, this project is a perfect solution and can be completed in just one day.

Learn how to make this simple DIY hanging shelf with our step-by-step tutorial below:

Materials you’ll need:

• Your choice of wood (we used Cherry for this project)

• Macrame cording

• 2 inch bronze hoop

• Power drill and drill bit

• Trim router and router bit

• Sanding block or orbital sander

• Scissors

• Glue gun

Step 1. Cut your wood to size

Determine what size you’d like your shelf to be and trim to size. In this tutorial, we used a pre-cut piece of Cherry from our 1” x 6” x 24” Cherry Kit. This size was perfect for a hanging shelf and allowed us to skip having to trim the board. However, you can always trim the board to be shorter or select a longer piece if you’re looking to create a bigger shelf.

Step 2. Round out your top edges

Rounded edges add a nice polished look to your final project. However, if you prefer square edges you can skip this step!

We chose a ¼ round-over bit for the top edge of our shelf. But there are plenty of other router bits to choose from such as ogee, cove, or chamfer bits.

Once you have your bit locked into place on your router, run the bit along the edge of your wood. Repeat this until all your top edges are complete with a ¼ round-over.

Step 3. Sand your wood

For this step you can use a sanding block or a power sander. We used an orbital sander, which speeds up the sanding process!

When sanding, start with a lower grit such as 60 or 80 grit to clean up any of the wood’s roughness and move your way up to 180 grit for a smooth surface.

Step 4. Drill holes

Next, you will need to drill your holes for the macrame cording. Measure ½-¾ in from each corner and mark the spot with a pencil. Select a drill bit that is roughly the same size or slightly bigger than your macrame cording. After you drill your holes, light sand over those spots for a smooth surface.

Step 5. Cut your cording

Cut two pieces of macrame at 4 feet each. Thread the first piece of cording through the left side holes, pulling the cording up from the bottom. Complete the same step for the second piece of cording on the right side holes.

Step 6. Securing the hoop

Run the four ends of cording through the hoop, making sure they are all even at length. Fold the four ends over the hoop and use glue to secure it. Take two pieces of the cording and wrap them around the base of the cording 4-5 times, gluing on the back as you go. Trim the remaining two cords and wrap one final time and glue.

Step 7. Decorate

After you hang your shelf, add your favorite vase, candle or even some greenery to compliment the natural look of the wood.


Happy woodworking!

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  • Diane Lefever

    Love this! Thanks for sharing!

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