7 Easy and Wonderful Wooden Gifts Beginners Can Make

7 Easy and Wonderful Wooden Gifts Beginners Can Make

"The best gifts come from the heart, not the store." – Sarah Dessen.

This is why handmade gifts always stand out and have their own place in the recipient's heart.

Remember, as kids, we were always encouraged to gift something handmade? The good news is that you can still keep the creative spark alive. After all, nothing conveys how much you care about someone more than taking the time out of your busy schedule and making them a present.

With the holiday season closing in, why not explore your innovative side? Craft exquisite DIY gifts with wooden slabs or board foot of lumber. In this blog, we explore simple and beginner- friendly wooden gift ideas. Take a look.

● Wearables – Crafting something your loved ones can wear is actually a great idea. This will ensure that they think of you whenever they wear the jewelry you created. Moreover, wooden wearables last a long time, making your gift a timeless treasure.

● Phone Stand for Desk – We always look for a space to safely store our phones. Your loved ones can definitely benefit from a handy mobile phone stand. So, this year you can try creating a handwrought phone stand. You can personalize it further by adding a favorite quote or picture. This gift is sure to exude warmth and make your loved ones smile.

● Wood Signs – Among the most special combinations that never fail to entice are wood and words. If you gift your loved ones a wooden sign, they will remember you and be reminded of how you feel about them every time they read it. There is no better way to convey your emotions than on a piece of wood that will last years without any damage. So, what are you waiting for? Just buy lumber and get started.

● Serving Tray – The industrial-styled products gained popularity when urbanization struck, and the old factory and warehouses were converted to offices and living spaces. Marked by weathered wood and exposed bricks and pipe, these products have a raw essence with old-world charm. Gift this to anyone with an eye for detail and a great sense of aesthetics, and they will truly appreciate it.

● Blanket Ladder – The DIY blanket ladder is a super-simple and easy gift to make. What’s more? You don't need to dig a hole in your pocket to build this cost-effective item. All you need is a couple of tools, and you are good to create this cute and cozy blanket ladder that will help keep the quilts, blankets, scarves, etc. organized. This is an ideal gift for the Monicas and Sheldons of the family.

● Wine Box – We all have that wine connoisseur in our group, and wine is obviously the best gift for them. But, instead of just handing over a wine bottle, you can gift it in a nice wooden box. This can be customized according to your choice and is a very versatile project. You should build and perfect it over time; it will serve as an excellent present for the holidays and other occasions too.

● Dog Bowl Stand – The dog bowl stand is a gift that will never fail to impress the pet lover in the family. And it can also be improvised into a coffee or side table according to the needs. With just some basic hardware and tools, you can accomplish building this. However, based on the pet's size, its measurement may vary. So try to sneakily measure the dimensions of the pup and start building this project.

Dog Bowl by @BlackIrishWoodworks

Remember, just because it's a gift, it doesn't have to be complicated. You can try the above-mentioned DIY wooden gifts and give them to your loved ones this holiday season.

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