Woodworking small businesses to shop from this holiday season featuring custom made wooden cutting boards, wall art and furniture building

5 Woodworking Small Businesses to Shop from this Holiday Season

The Forest 2 Home community is made up of incredibly talented woodworkers! Whether they are cutting board makers, furniture builders, home remodelers, toy maker's or doing a little bit of everything, we are fortunate to see new, beautiful #BuiltWithF2H projects from the F2H community everyday. As our community is comprised of makers of all kinds-hobbyists and professionals alike-we wanted to highlight some of our small business makers before the holiday season! 

Jan K. 


Female woodworker, Jan, is a member of the Forest 2 Home woodworking community

Hi, I'm Jan! I love to make things for others, improvise & learn new crafts! I enjoy using my God-given talents for wood, art, sewing and design. I've been making things for years, but only for my family or to give as gifts. I recently opened a small business to start selling the things I enjoy making. 

Check out my past & present projects on Instagram and products for sale on Etsy. 

Woodworking projects created by female woodworker in workshop

Blake H.


Talented woodworker and Forest 2 Home lumber community member Blake sits at a custom made table.

My name is Blake Huseman-I am a believer, husband, father, woodworker, and fireman. I started woodworking back in 2018, right before my wife and I got married. We were looking to buy new bedroom furniture for our apartment but once we realized how expensive it was, I decided to take it upon myself and make our bed frame and refinish my great grandmother's dresser instead! Man, did I get hooked! Ever since then, my passion for woodworking has grown incredibly. 

I now own Huse Woodworking LLC, which is m side business, that I started in 2019. I operate my business out of my 18' x 18' garage in the Northern Illinois area. I have also been a fireman for the last 9 years and teach for the Illinois Fire Service Institute. Check out my Instagram page and Facebook  page to see my progression from when I first started until now! Have a blessed day!

Custom made cutting boards made in a woodwork shop by woodworker and furniture builder

Kyle G. 


A woodworking family pictured together. Woodworker and carpenter Kyle with wife and sons

Hello, my name is Kyle Glueckert and I would love for you to get to know a little about myself and KTG Custom Woodwork. I am blessed with a beautiful, amazing wife, Shannon, and my two sons, Kaleb and Tobias. I have been in the construction field and carpentry as far back as I was able to swing a hammer and that has brought me into one of the best and coolest jobs-I get to build sets for television and movies. Having to be part of and belong to one of the best, strongest unions that is international gives me so much pride and performance which is shown through my work. 

I started KTG Woodworking in the basement of our home, creating custom cutting boards as a hobby. One day, my wife Shannon asked me to make a charcuterie board as a thank you gift for a co-worker and then a few more for our family as gifts. The reactions we have received and the comments on how beautiful the boards were inspired us to see where this new adventure would take us. 

Find more of my work on my website  and Instagram page.

Custom made cutting boards built with Forest 2 Home lumber Ambrosia Maple and Walnut wood

Darin D. 


Woodworker and woodworking entrepreneur Darin Darling

I am a cook, a woodworker, and an entrepreneur based in Upstate New York where I have a small wood shop and enjoy creating modern and character filled pieces of all kinds. I have a passion for making anything that people will appreciate and that I can be proud of. I like to include subjects like the area I am from, my personal background, and anything else that inspires me in designing something awesome. I use Forest 2 Home for all of my hardwood supply! 

Find my projects on Instagram  and Facebook. If you are interested in placing an order, contact me at UpstateWoodcraftNY@gmail.com.

Woodworking projects created with Forest 2 Home lumber Cherry wood, Hard Maple wood and Walnut wood. Projects feature wood brand design

Greg R. 


Forester and woodworking expert, Greg

Hello! My name is Greg Rose and I run and operate Rose FORESTRY LLC since 2016, along with my wife Ashley who operates our storefront! 

I have been in the forestry and logging industry since 2005, receiving 2 degrees in forestry operations from Paul Smith College, along with my experience at Bey Brothers Logging Inc. from '05-'12.

Thank you or noticing my small business and supporting our goals! You can find more of what we offer on my Instagram  page. 

Greg Rose custom live edge woodworking tables


Want to share your woodworking business with us? We would love to feature your business and woodworking journey on the Forest 2 Home blog! Email marketing@forest2home.com with your story and some photos of your work (preferably some #BuiltWithF2H projects!!!). Happy woodworking!



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