5 Tips to find the Best Online Hardwood Lumber Supplier

5 Tips to find the Best Online Hardwood Lumber Supplier

When it comes to buying hardwood online, there can be a lot of uncertainty. Some people do not feel comfortable purchasing lumber that they have not laid their hands on to check the quality for themselves. That is why Forest 2 Home lumber is graded a minimum of four times by professionally trained lumber inspectors. The stuff you get is handpicked and packed, which makes Forest 2 Home the clear choice as your new hardwood supplier. Here are five tips to consider when choosing the best online hardwood lumber supplier.

Customer service

When looking for an online hardwood lumber supplier, it is important to consider the quality of customer service. A good online supplier should be able to answer any questions you have and provide helpful information. Forest 2 Home prides itself on offering the same level of customer service digitally that you would at your local lumber yard.

Forest 2 Home team member chopping hardwood board

Forest 2 Home manufacturing

Hardwood quality

The quality of the hardwood is also an important consideration. You want to make sure that the online supplier you choose offers high-quality lumber. Keeping each step of the manufacturing process in-house is a major plus. This means that the lumber is not traveling from various businesses with various quality standards. At Forest 2 Home, each step of the process is kept all under one roof, from responsible forestry management to debarking to kiln drying, all the way to customers' doors.

Hardwood source

It is also important to consider where the online supplier gets its hardwood. You want to make sure that hardwood lumber is sourced from the Northeastern region of the United States because that is where the best hardwood hails. It is said that the Northeastern region for hardwood is like the Bordeaux region for wine. Forest 2 Home wood is sourced from around a 100-mile radius of our manufacturing facilities, all located in prime hardwood lumber land in the Northeastern region of the United States.

Gutchess Lumber hardwood lumber storage

Gutchess Lumber warehouse

Years in business

Another factor to consider is how long the online supplier has been in business. A longer history usually indicates a more reliable supplier. Gutchess Lumber is Forest 2 Home's parent company. Gutchess Lumber has been in the hardwood business since 1904 and is known and trusted by some of the worlds largest manufacturers and distributors. Forest 2 Home was formed in 2020, but is backed by 120 years of knowledge and expertise. Forest 2 Home gives individual woodworkers, crafters, and DIYers across North America the opportunity to purchase quality hardwood right from the source as the best online hardwood lumber supplier.

Online lumber supplier Forest 2 Home's warehouse

Forest 2 Home packaging

Shipping speed and packaging

When you are buying hardwood online, you also want to consider the shipping speed. You want to make sure that the online supplier can get the lumber to you quickly and in a way that protects the hardwood lumber. Forest 2 Home’s fulfillment time rivals that of Amazon, so you get your hardwood in just a few days. The packaging is designed with your hardwood and the environment in mind. There are no packing peanuts in Forest 2 Home’s boxes- to protect the square edges, additional hardwood blocks are used to take any impact that might be sustained during transit. You can keep and use these additional blocks for various projects, so a win win for you and the environment!


  • todd Kiatoukaysi

    I need aok wood 2 inch thick 16 wide 4 foot long
    And how much it

  • Richard Cobble

    Thinking of buying a custom order. 6 pices of each. Walnut, and two others

    Need cost ,want 18 pieces total

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